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The Best Meal Delivery Plans for a Healthier Year

If you're ready to start eating healthy, but you don't know where to start then subscribing to meal delivery service in CT could be your best alternative. While many people have the desire to eat healthier meals, they either don't know how or they don't think they have the time to prepare a variety of healthy meals. Both of these concerns are addressed by subscribing to the right meal plans, but which ones will bring you good-tasting food that's also good for your body?

Sun Basket

Whether you're interested in a plant based meal delivery service or want to try the paleo diet, Sun Basket may be the company for you. They stress quality in selecting all of their ingredients from their all-organic produce to their anti-biotic free and hormone free meats. Even their seafood is caught fresh from free-range sources. The meals, which are all approved by their on-site nutritionist, are easy to prepare, while also providing a flair of creativity to your nightly dinner. The plan starts at $72 per week, which provides enough food for two people to enjoy three meals each.

Meals By chef B
Meals By Chef B is a “Chef Forward” company created by a CHEF and owned by a CHEF.  Simply put – “FOOD and Client Satisfaction comes first!” Quality, flavor, everything down to the garnish is done for the enjoyment of our food not only profit! We feel that a Chef owned and operated business lends itself to much more care and appreciation of the products, ingredients, and clients! On top of all of that, we are one of the few Home Meal Delivery Companies in South Florida, if not the only, that offers all of our meals in Family Portions AND we have a Kids Menu! We know that life gets busy and it’s not just about feeding mom and dad! We think that when you try us you’ll experience the difference!

Home Chef

Home Chef offers a selection of up to 12 different meals every week and each meal can be easily prepared in 30 minutes or less. While their meal plans emphasize a variety of tastes, they can also be amended to meet anyone's dietary restrictions and needs. Since they change their menus week by week, they publish their meal plans for up to five weeks in advance. This allows customers to plan meals a full month ahead. Additionally, you can get preparation tips from the company's own chefs by visiting their website. Getting started is easy, since each meal can be purchased for $10 per serving at a two-serving minimum.

Blue Apron

As one of the first meal delivery services to hit the market, Blue Apron was a pioneer and they still offer quality meals delivered right to your door. Their goal is to help improve access to food by supporting sustainable farming, while also reducing the amount of food wasted in the average household. The company teams up their chefs with real farmers to come up with healthy and unique menus. For $60 per week, two people can enjoy three Blue Apron meals each week.


This company offers meal delivery services that are both healthy and eco-friendly. Chefs fully cook each meal and seal them in environmentally-friendly packaging for shipment. The food is shipped fresh instead of frozen, so you can heat them up and begin eating just three to five minutes after you receive your order. Meals rotate week by week and you can order meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which are all free of gluten and peanuts. At $50 a week, one person can eat four Freshly meals or 12 single serving meals can be ordered for $108 per week.

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is a more down to earth meal delivery service that emphasizes comfort foods that use healthier and fresher ingredients. Each meal box delivered to your door will contain enough food to create three meals, which are large enough to serve two to four people. You can choose meals from the company's Classic Plan, Veggie Plan, or Family Plan. An added perk is that Hello Fresh was founded in Germany, so it's available in Canada and Europe as well as in the U.S. Plans start at $8.75 per meal.

Daily Harvest

Eat fast and eat healthy with the meals provided by Daily Harvest, although they might not be meals in the strictest sense. The company only ships cups of natural ingredients, which you can blend together with a broth, juice, or other liquid. It takes only 30 seconds to prepare a smoothie or soup from Daily Harvest's ingredients. Servings start at $6.99 per soup or smoothie.

As meal delivery services continue to attract attention, more companies will try to put their own spin on the service. In the meantime, the companies listed here provide the best value and the highest quality foods in the market. Subscribing to these services takes the work out of eating healthy.

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