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The Best News Apps That Will Keep You Updated On Android And IPhone

Having access to news is much easier today than it was before. As all one would require is to have a good news app on their smartphone and with few taps, they would have access to almost anything that they would require to attain news of. Mobile apps have made things remarkably easy. With the advancement of smartphones, it has provided a million ways to stay well-informed of the smallest to the largest affairs occurring via news apps.

One of the most prominent mobile app development in Dallas requested not to have their name disclosed but firmly affirmed that a news app is a must-have for all those who are looking forward to fine-tuning their exposure in current affairs. They can do it while having any smartphone now may it an iPhone of Android since they are numerous news apps that are adaptable to both the systems.

Here are the 5 most popular and recommended news apps that will keep you updated:

  1. BBC News

The BBC News app is a universally appreciated news organization that is truly dedicated to keeping the people inclined to every latest trending topics and news stories. The BBC News app is much more outburst in comparison to the other news sources since they are not afraid to offer its article with a bit of a fun aspect towards it. The BBC News is also provided with a live-streaming news channel that is directly backed with the app. If the user opts and accesses the app they’ll be alerted and updated spontaneously with any urgent news is released to bring it within your attention. 

  • CNN News

CCN News being the very first 24/7 cable news channel has an upper hand and credibility likewise that is carried on in its app. It is safe to say that the official app’s functions are a well-condensed version of the content available on the CCN News web-site. The app provides a wide-ranging variety of articles though it is mostly focused towards the U.S audience precisely a user of the app will encounter a large number of original CCN contents that are not available elsewhere since the main aspect of CNN coverage is video context and a fan of new and video content would seem ideal to use the app.

  • Google News

Google News is a much recent replacement of the Google Play Newsstand. The Google News app has an amazing interface in terms of being smooth and a polished app for its users. The app is certainly as any user would expect a news app to feature itself to be. The most remarkable aspect that makes it a commendable news app is that Google is able to pick up news from around the globe so it is quite definite that you would find all the news you want on any of your favorite sites or publication. The app also has built in features which are able to provide important stories and breaking news to the user by simple tapping on the “Full Coverage” option. The app also allows to download or save article for the viewers to read it later as per convenient.

  • Microsoft News

The Microsoft News app was formerly known as the MSN News. The Microsoft News app has a lot to offer which includes an easier and lightweight comprised app that provides its users to spontaneously attain news. The news is accessible to them as per their preference and also current affairs. As the user enters the app for the first time it is required to select from a few categories of topics for the app to acquaint with the interests even though it can be changed very easily whenever wanted. The selection is done so that as you indulge in the Microsoft News app in the main window you are shown the news that you would better relate with due to your interest. Though you are no restricted to the content you can scroll to find news on various categories/ topics.

  • The New York Times

The New York Times app is most definitely without any arguments one of the most popular news sources that can be found around the world. The app is all that every user would require in any news platform. The app is not only commendable designed but has triggering features to it as well such as offline reading, breaking news, social media sharing and quite a bunch of more. Though the New York Times app has certain very unique features that no other news app has so far. The most appealing and remarkable adapting aspect of the app is that it is integrated with the tech advancement of AR. But yes to avail the fully loaded featuring of the app is not free and pricey. The New York Times app is provided at a cost of $15 to avail unlimited access to the article and for the price of $130 an entire year access to every article is provided.

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