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The best places to buy jewellery online



The past year and a half of lockdown has changed the way we shop forever. More and more fashion and jewellery brands are now exclusively online, whether it’s on marketplaces or social media sites, like Instagram and Pinterest. We’ve officially had our eyes opened to the world of online jewellery, and this has put endless designer jewellery brands right at our fingertips. Now that there are more brands than ever for us to browse through, it can be hard to figure out where to begin! For the best places to buy jewellery online, take a look at our list below…


Astley Clarke

Astley Clarke create luxury fine and demi-fine jewellery, designed to be worn every day and passed on through generations. Astley Clarke specialise in stunning gemstone pieces – with free personalisation available – and is made to be worn with every outfit, from day to night. Their gemstones range from calming blue lace agate, to dark black spinel, to glamorous moonstone. Their colourful powerful gemstones are equally matched with the warmth of rose, white and yellow gold. Many of their collections are Art Deco inspired, which gives their pieces a sleek geometric look. With prices starting at £30, Astley Clarke’s collection are reminiscent of the opulence of the 1920s and brings that sparkle into the 21st Century.

Astrid & Miyu

Best known for their mix and match pieces, Astrid & Miyu create dainty yet striking jewellery. The team at Astrid & Miyu believes in uniqueness and individuality, which is why their collections are full of options for their wearers to play around with and make their own. Contemporary jewellery to stack and style, Astrid & Miyu are renowned for their extensive range of earrings. Their bestsellers – from necklace chains to belly button studs - include bold huggies, crystal accents and gold delights, whether you’ve got pierced ears or prefer clip-ons. 

Auree Jewellery

Founded by Amelia Bainbridge in 2014, Auree Jewellery specialises in jewellery designed to travel with their customers through everyday life and passed on through generations. Their gold and silver jewellery are a mix of sparkling gemstones, minimalist shapes, and cute accents, like shells, stars, and discs. With Summer in full swing, Auree Jewellery have the perfect jewellery to take with you on holiday, whether you’re planning a staycation or jetting off somewhere hot. From the gemstone delights of the Bali and Barcelona collections to the intricate hoops and twists from the Andalucía and Sicily ranges, their travel-inspired collections are full of fun and unique designs. 

Daisy London 

Daisy London create beautiful bohemian jewellery, imbued with meaning. Their pieces are roughly and expertly carved, adding extra wow-factor to their unusually shaped gold and silver pieces. Created by women for women, many Daisy London pieces are inspired by the beauty and uniqueness of the female form. The Vita collection is inspired by the beauty, strength, and resilience of the female body, captured from multiple angles. Jewellery featuring the face, torso and bum are carved into metals, reminiscent of classic architecture and sculptures. Their gorgeous pieces can be layered or worn alone and are easy to dress up and down, all without breaking the bank.


Etsy is the global marketplace that’s home to thousands of unique, creative, and extraordinary items, from handcrafted jewellery to vintage furniture and beyond! Etsy has a large community of sellers – typically small, start-up or lesser-known brands – and gives them a platform to sell their incredible designs and further their business to success. As expected, Etsy has a wide range of jewellery to dive into. Whatever you’re looking for, Etsy has probably got it! By shopping on Etsy – and from all the brands on this list! – you’re supporting independent designers and helping them grow while doing what they love.


Missoma is one of the most popular jewellery brands today, specialising in affordable modern jewellery box staples. Their gold statement pieces are designed to be stacked high and layered in multiples. If you’re still not recognising the name, you’ll have definitely seen Missoma on the high street and the red carpet, worn by the likes of Kendall Jenner, the Hadid sisters and Dua Lipa. Their collections are always full of the latest trends, whether it’s Greek and Roman-inspired coin necklaces, striking chains or the newest craze – beads and pearls.


PDPAOLA create jewellery for independent, style-conscious women who are unapologetically themselves. Inspired by the femininity, strength, and motivation of the modern-day woman, PDPAOLA offers collections they like to describe as ‘rebellious elegance’. PDPAOLA are best known for their gemstone pendant necklaces, featuring letters, constellations, and zodiac signs. The colourful sparkly gems are simple yet striking and their affordable price tag makes them the perfect gift for your group of friends.

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Wolf & Badger

Finally, we have Wolf & Badger. Similar to Etsy, Wolf & Badger is a global marketplace and platform, focused on sustainably produced clothes, homeware, beauty products and jewellery. Founded in 2010, Wolf & Badger was created with the intention of disrupting and fixing the problems in the retail space. Wolf & Badger offer stunning fashion pieces from a wide range of brands, including start-ups, ethical designers, and independent brands. They’re on a mission to ensure the future of retail is responsible and fashion manufacturing slows down, all while opening customers eyes to more online jewellery brands.

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