The Best Popular Travel Destinations in Nepal


Yoga teacher training in Nepal is one of the things which is helping the country’s popularity as a tourist place. Apart from yoga, the trekking routes, panoramic views of the Himalayas, UNESCO world heritage sites, its endangered species, yoga retreats are also a few things that are catching the eyes of the tourists and making Nepal a popular destination.

If you are also planning for a tour in Nepal but unsure of which places to travel; the following article will act as a guide for you. It will help you to get an idea of the travel destinations and plan your holidays in Nepal accordingly.

  1. Langtang National Park: This national park is located near to Kathmandu city and is famous for being the first Himalayan national park. Since it is less crowded because of its altitude it has diversification in flora and fauna. Langtang national park is home to species like the wild dog, wild boar, Himalayan black bear, snow leopard, 250+ species of birds and even endangered species such as the red panda. Apart from its wildlife reserve, this place is also an outbreak to its three main treks i.e. Langtang valley, Helambu and Gosaikunda Lake. The best time to visit this place is between October to mid-December.
  2. Pokhara Valley: If you travel to Nepal and not visit Pokhara valley, it will certainly be an incomplete trip. This place is the second largest valley in Nepal and is considered as a gem of Nepal tourism because of its location and scenic beauty. Pokhara valley is ringed by the Annapurna range and hence, offers panoramic views of the Himalayan range. Its underground caves, waterfalls, blue skies, the glaciers are a few attractions of the place. Apart from sightseeing, this valley also caters to some fierce activities such as rafting, trekking, sky diving etc.
  3. Boudhanath stupa: This stupa is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites in Nepal. This spherical stupa is considered as one of the biggest and oldest spheres built in the nation of Himalayas. It has another popular name i.e. Khasa Chaitya. This place was once a shelter home to a lot of refugees traveling from Tibet to Kathmandu and a lot of refugees have settled here itself in the past. In the earthquake of 2015, this place was badly damaged, but being a pilgrimage site to Buddhist community and world heritage site, it has been restored.
  4. Lumbini: Since this place is the birthplace of Lord Buddha and holds utmost importance for Hindu and Buddhist community; this is also UNESCO’s one of the world heritage sites in Nepal. The aura, temples and even monuments have been built keeping in mind the Buddhist culture. The architecture of every place has something to tell about the life of Lord Buddha. It is considered as one of the holiest places by the followers of Buddhism. The Ashokan Pillar, Japan peace stupa, Bodhi tree, Lumbini museum are some of the worth visiting places in Lumbini.
  5. Davis fall: This famous waterfall got its name after an incident that took place in 1961. A woman named Davi went for a swim in this fall and drowned because of the overflow of water. Since then it has been named as ‘Davis fall’. The locals call this place as ‘Patale Chango’ which means underground waterfall. The water passes through GupteshwarMahadev cave after the waterfall. Previously, this waterfall was considered as a suicidal point but later on, it was converted to a travel destination for tourists. Its underground tunnel, Gupteshwar Mahadev cave are a few attractions of this place.

These travel destinations offer you a perfect holiday in Nepal as they give you a taste of culture and religion, scenic and panoramic views, its wildlife and nature and some heart throbbing activities, etc. You may combine yoga with these travel destinations and make perfect yoga holidays in Nepal. You may also travel for Yoga teacher training in Nepal or yoga retreats in Nepal etc.