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The best private student accommodation for students

Whenever students go to other places to study further and hence they seek for accommodation. They should find the best accommodation that is affordable and environmentally friendly. The students should also live in a secure place so that they are not encountered by any miscreants. The students should find the best private student accommodation that is affordable. Some of the students seek for a rented home, whereas some students prefer to live in apartments. If the students are living along with their friends, then they can share the rent. So, to find the best accommodation, the students should consider different factors such as budgeting, location, maintenance costs, etc. 

Different types of homes for students 

The students can find different types of homes that are suitable to them. 


So, studio is a room that contains a kitchenette, bed and a study table. The students can live comfortably in such rooms. They can live individually study and write their paper at their own or may take help from The studios are well-furnished rooms and are posh. It is known as bachelor style apartments that are small but self-contained. It is a room without any borders or any division. It is an affordable option for the students to live individually and along with friends. They can cook their own food and live comfortably. It is a type of private room. If two or more friends stay together, then they can share their rent. It combines several rooms that include the sleeping area, kitchen and a person can have his own space. 

En suite

In this place, a person can enjoy his own sleeping area and an attached bathroom. But, in en suite, they do not get a kitchenette and a separate study room. But such rooms are well-maintained and the students can live comfortably. It is a room that adjoins the bathroom forming the same set of rooms. The bathroom is posh containing a shower and a bath. It can be a stylish room or a dorm also. It is a part of building room containing separate attached bathrooms. Persons can live alone or with his friends and they can share the rent. It is a posh room containing comfy beds. It is a single room containing a large twin bed and a twin bed along with a desk, a TV and a closet. 

On-campus accommodation 

Some of the renowned universities across the world provide accommodation facilities to the students. The students can seek for accommodation in the campus. They can find the best place to study and can live comfortably. Such students live in student dormitories or rented quarters to the general public by the college and they live during non-academic periods of the year also. The on-campus housing is ideal for many reasons. They live together in the dormitories or some areas of campus. This type of accommodation is ideal for the young students during the first year of their course. They can live along with many other students who are undergoing the same chapter in life.

Private hall of residences

Some of the students live comfortably in the private hall of residence also. They are not owned by the universities but by the real estate owners and some of them are even owned by charitable institutions. It is usually a single room with a shared bathroom and they provide single study bedroom along with en-suite facilities. The price of such rooms depends upon different factors such the budget, size of the room, etc. This system of accommodation is ideal for people who do not secure accommodation in university campuses. This type of residence is a type of en-suite that is a type of housing provided by universities. The hall is owned privately and the students can live individually. The private student accommodation should provide privacy to the students. 

Shared apartments 

The shared apartments may be fully-furnished, semi-furnished and unfurnished also. A student lives with two or more students and shares the same kitchen, bathroom, dining and even bedroom. Some apartments are large consisting of three or more bedrooms. But some apartments only consist of one or two bedrooms and hence the students should share the bedroom also. Usually, an individual cannot stay in an apartment alone. So, they should share their apartments with two or more friends. They can share the rent easily. Hence, they should preferably live with their friends.

Shared en-suite 

The shared en-suite is a type of room with sleeping and bathroom facilities. But, it is shared with two or more persons. For shared en-suites, communal toilets also exist. The toilets and the showers are located near the room and they are shared with the other rooms also. It is usually a posh and well-furnished room that is shared with two or more persons. The unsuited is a room that consists of bed, toilet, sink, and a bath. The students should share their own space to sleep and then become freshen up. They can also meet the other students living in shared spaces or communal areas.

Dual occupancy ratio

It is a detached home and the couples usually accommodate in such rooms or houses. They are usually meant for married couple. They can live in shared apartments or shared rooms with the amenities they require.  The dual occupancy homes usually contain a kitchen, bedroom and a bathroom. 

People also prefer to live in shared rooms, sharing their beds with other students. They also share the amenities with other students along with the cooking and living faculties along with the other residents. They can choose the private ensuite because they can live individually and live comfortably in a single room. They can enjoy extra privacy and space in the room. The shared non-ensuite is a room that is used by the students and they contain two or more bedrooms. The bathroom is located in a single unit. They cannot directly access the bathroom from their bedroom. It may be located on another floor or it may be located downward also. The students seek for accommodation in an environment that is friendly and clean. They should be able to live and study in a comfortable way.

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