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The Best Quiz Games On Smartphones And Internet

Best quiz Online

Save the world, solve puzzles, line up candies in a grid, it's beautiful, but it's not very rewarding for the ego, and it does not bring much. To go to bed a little less stupid every night, quiz games are undoubtedly the best. We made a small selection of the best of the genre, whether they are playable solo or against very human opponents

Some precisions are needed before going into the details of this selection. The majority of quiz games listed below require an Internet connection to play. If you spend a good deal of your transit time in the subway, they will not always work correctly. Also note that most are free, but are often full of restrictions: unwanted advertising, number of time-limited games, purchase of real-money gold coins, and so on. If you are not too bulimic, however, it is possible to do with. Finally, note that our selection contains the classics of the genre and some other more specialized quiz games.

Quiz Up

Quiz Up is one of the must-have quiz games. First, because it contains several themes incredible (the developer advertises more than 6000), although some topics are written only in English. It is also one of the few weak points of the game (with the fact that there is no single-player mode) since everything else is impeccable. The interface is self-explanatory and nicely animated, it is possible to find opponents according to his tastes, and it includes many statistics on the games played. Above all, the application is entirely free, does not contain in-app purchases, and never displays advertising.

Duel Quiz

This is the second heavyweight of this selection. Duel Quiz offers more or less the same principle as Quiz Up, namely to measure your knowledge of opponents on quizzes with various themes. The difference here is that the two opponents compete on a series of 6 exams of 3 questions, and it is the one with the most excellent answers in the end who wins the round. The advantage here is that all issues are in French. There are finally two versions, one free but with advertisements and the other pay (2.69 euros) free of any intrusive banner.

Unlike the two games mentioned above, 94% is a solo game only. The goal here is to find answers to the proposed themes. Typically, it will be asked to find things that are found in a school kit. The goal is to give the answers given by 94% of other players: 24% answered a pen, 27% an eraser, etc. The goal is to ensure that the answers given exceed 94%. The economic model is quite simple: if we do not find the answers, it is possible to spend gold coins to get clues. Gold coins can be bought in the in-game shop. Advertising pages are also present from time to time. Finally, it is possible to unlock a premium package to 2.99 euros to remove ads and have access to unlimited jokers.

Logo Quiz

Logo Quiz is a great classic quiz game. As the name suggests, the goal of the game is to find the name of the brand whose logo (truncated) appears on the screen, thanks to the letters that appear at the bottom of the screen. There are tons of applications that do the same thing, but it has the advantage of being complete, free, and especially followed by its developer. And if it is free to download, the clues to find the most difficult logos require to go through the shop ingame shopping.

Quiz pics, guess the words!

Pics Quiz takes the principle of Logo Quiz but expands it to any theme. Individually, photos appear on the screen, and you must find below the image the word related to it. If the first levels are comfortable, the game becomes more and more complicated and exciting. A two-player mode is also present and allows one to face friends or strangers on a similar game principle. The economic model is simple: the clues cost gold coins that can be bought in the shop. The number of games is also limited per day, but an in-app purchase of 1.99 or 2.99 euros can unlock it.

Movie quotes quiz

For movie lovers, movie quotes quiz merely is indispensable. This is a one-on-one quiz in which players have to choose the name of the movie from which an excerpt of a few seconds appears on their screen. The quiz is superbly made, and it is not necessarily necessary to have the FEMIS to earn high scores.  Movie lovers can easily pass their time playing this quiz on online.

Music Quiz

We finish our selection with two musical quizzes. Music Quiz is by far the most complicated. A short excerpt is passed, and the player must find the name of the title using letters displayed at the bottom of the screen. For testing it with the editors, we did not manage to pass the first level without the help of Shazam. This is a game that requires solid knowledge or a well-stocked wallet: support and themes need the regular release of the credit card to be unlocked.

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