The Best Referral Programs For Your Business

Business Referral Programs

Getting consumers to speak about your business can be one of the most powerful ways to grow your revenue and subscriber base. In that case, the referral program is when a current employee recommends a potential candidate for an open position. Employers institute a program in which they identify the talent of their current employee’s social networks. Referral programs are active channels used to recruit potential and quality candidates. It brings great expertise to an organization and improves reputation as well as skill in a company. Hence proven, that referral programs are one of the most powerful ways to grow a business’s revenue and subscriber base. Referrals are also a part of a healthier B2B sales pipeline. Customer referrals can transform a struggling company into a profitable one. Creating a culture of references can turn customers into enthusiastic advocates for your brand. The more business referrals, the more visibility it will receive and more sales. Companies have started driving profitable customer acquisition with referral programs. The entire idea of a referral program is to incentivize more cautious word of mouth from people who are already casually talking about your store. However, each company’s referral programs are unique and designed to fit the company’s visions.

Best Referral Programs:


Typeform is a software company that has a template and guidelines for creating great Net Promoter Score Surveys that you can use to assess your customer’s overall feeling about your business, brand, and experience as a user of your product. Follow up questions are added to an NPS survey to ask a brand’s customers about their experience, views, and details about their business. This gives you a proper insight into what your customers feel about your brand. Dropbox.

Dropbox helps you store and save your work files. It is a personal cloud storage service or online backup storage that is frequently used for file sharing and collaboration in computers and applications. Dropbox’s team is continuously looking for areas to increase retention and referral metrics with in-app storage rewards.

Subscription Box:

Get subscribers to refer your subscription box service to their friends with a fast and fun customer referral program. Incentivize your members with a reward that triggers program participation while making financial sense to your business.


The giant search engine has its referral program. Google is rewarding business customers for each new user they sign up for Google Apps for Work. After joining the referral program, customers are provided with a personalized link to share with their network. Google helps the brands and companies to expand their business through content media by using ghostwriter company. The brands and companies are contacting ghostwriter company to write for their content media professionally so that they can inspire their customers more by utilizing Google platform.

Digital Retailers:

Digital retailers such as Indochina run a multichannel refer-a-friend program with a double-sided reward of $100 and $50. Some retailers such as EventBrite run a $10 single-sided referral program.

Telecom and Media:

The telecom industry’s point is that any policy designed to approach them has to have cost-effectiveness as a top preference. It should be ready to create a maximum impression with minimum investment. This is one of the causes why referral marketing for telecom companies is a sensible move, both for approaching churn and acquisition. Referral marketing for telecom companies harnesses the real value of a loyal customer. A genuine referral converts or translates into sales generally because of the trust factor. Referral marketing for telecom companies also channelizes positive customer sentiments. Consumers who have been satisfied with your service are ready to refer your brand to their friends and other people in their vicinity. There are two ways telecom companies broaden revenue and can be achieved. The first is to increase the value of the product/service and the second one is to improve the number of repeat buying or first-time buying from the customer’s end. Telecom companies in the future will also be offering services at a much cheaper rate than now. There are many causes to trust that referrals can act as a piece that can solve the hard to decipher marketing riddle of the telecom industry. Referrals can support first time buying while also compensating your devoted advocates. Customers generally like to interact with those who use any traditional marketing which contains a designed message that is owned by the seller. Referral marketing for telecom companies lets teams systemize this concept and take full advantage of it. An example of telecom marketing companies is Hulu and Netflix. Netflix ran a refer a friend campaign in 2011. The program was well accepted by their consumers and was a crucial part of their North America growth engine. Rogers is also one of Canada’s largest telecom providers which runs a single side consumer referral program. The Rogers refer-a-friend program compensates consumers with a $25 credit for every thriving referral. Rogers utilizes a template design with content blocks to illustrate the core areas of the referral program.

Financial Services – Banks:

Modern banking institutions have a double the side refer a friend program structure such as Tangerine. Consumers are urged to request their friends to sign up for new accounts. The refer-a-friend reward offer is a hefty $50 for both the referee customers and the referred friend.


The World of Warcraft:

The ‘Recruit a Friend’ program they use to grow their user/player base carries out special in-game rewards. Motivating players to send in referrals, the World of Warcraft marketing team has just updated program rewards, and a recruit a friend campaign was launched as the Wow website’s landing page with a viral marketing video and an in-app recruit a friend section.

Mobile E-commerce:

Creating a seamless referral experience for mobile users is essential to a successful referral program. Mobile has become a crucial piece of a referral puzzle. Mobile E-commerce allows a meaningful referral program that doesn’t include a clear vision for sending invitations and claiming referrals on mobile. Examples of free referral programs are Amazon, Gilt, and Wish.



Overall, referral programs help an organization in many ways to hire potential employees and learn more about them. When employees or people refer your brand to other people, it increases your business’s reputation and recognition at the same time. Also, treating those people who see you to others with care is the best thing a brand could do to encourage them to see you again and again. So we have learned always to add a refer-a-friend feature to your business. I believe in something that has always encouraged me to walk on the right path, treat those right who treat you equally right.