The Best Trees To Plant For Your Front Yard


Beautiful landscaping can completely transform the appearance of your front yard. Apart from providing shade and privacy, trees can also enhance the beauty of your home. That is why homeowners are always looking for trees that appear beautiful all year round.

If you are also looking to make your front yard majestic, you are in the right place. Here are some great ideas for trees to plant in your front yard.

1. Minnesota Strain Redbud

If you want your front yard to be the envy of the neighborhood during springtime, then this tree is a perfect choice. Beautiful pink flowers will start appearing in early spring, and brown seedpods will take over fall. During both these seasons, your front yard will be the attraction of the neighborhood.

The best part about this tree is its branches. They completely spread out as they grow, which gives the tree a powerful architectural appearance. It can grow at least thirty feet tall, which means it will be the biggest and most powerful tree in your front yard.

2. Weeping Cherries

Do you want to make your front yard look luxurious and novel? If you do, then weeping cherries are your best choice. Beautiful pink and white flowers will bloom during spring, making it the most stunning tree in your yard.

It is best suited to zones four to eight, so you need to keep this in mind. Besides that, your front yard should also have enough space to hold this tree. That is because it can grow at least thirty feet tall and spread from fifteen to twenty-five feet. If you have a small front yard, the weeping cherry may not be the ideal choice for your home.

3. Palm Trees

If you live in a region that has a warm climate all year round, palm trees are one of the best options. Various options come under the palm trees. These include:

  • Coconut palms: These palm trees can't tolerate cold weather at all
  • Date palms: These type of palm trees can survive a temperature that comes down to 18 degrees Fahrenheit

You will also find two classes of foliage under the palm trees. One is pinnate, and the foliage of this looks like a feather. The other class is the palmate. The leaves of this class will closely resemble a human hand.

Depending on the climate and the foliage preference, you can choose from any of these trees. All of them will look stellar in your garden and be the main attraction of your front yard.

4. Redleaf Japanese Maple

Are you looking to add some beauty and movement to your front yard? If so, then the Redleaf Japanese maple is the ideal choice for your home. It comes in many shapes and sizes so that you can choose one depending on the space you have in your yard.

However, on average, this tree can grow from fifteen to twenty-feet wide and tall. The main attractive feature of this tree is the beautiful leaf color it offers throughout the year. During the fall season, these colors get even more vivid, and you will be able to enjoy the tree fully during that time.

The Redleaf Japanese maple is the perfect fall tree for your front yard. It will add color, depth, movement, and richness to your home.

5. Beech Tree

Another incredibly colorful fall tree is the beech tree. There are two main varieties of this tree: the North American version, which is known as Fagus grandifolia, and the European version, which is known as Fagus sylvatica.

Some additional varieties of this tree species include:

  • Fagus sylvatica var. purpurea: It is one of the best varieties of the beech tree and is also called the copper or purple beech
  • Fagus sylvatica Pendula: This variety has weeping branches that spread out wide
  • Fagus sylvatica Purple Fountain: This variety is an interesting one because it is a combination of a cascading plant form with a purple leaf color

You can choose from any of these varieties depending on your region and the look you want for your front yard. Whatever you choose, the beech tree is set to make your yard more stunning and beautiful.

Final Words

Hopefully this gives you some good ideas fortrees that you can grow in your front yard. Every tree is beautiful in its own way and offers unique features. If you’re looking for some professional advice on what trees to plant for your yard, you can always contact OC Landscaping Pros

So, what are you waiting for? Choose a tree that best suits your budget, region climate, and yard size, and invest in the beauty of your home today