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The best ways to automate Instagram with Instagram bots

It can be tempting to automate all the activities of your Instagram account. After all, it can be hard to manage all these activities, especially if you have many other tasks to take care of. 

This is where you can use Instagram bots to make positive interactions with your followers. But you need to make sure that you automate only the activities that bring value to your account. This article explains the best ways to automate Instagram with Instagram bots.

Automate likes

The good thing about automating likes is that they are not intrusive, meaning it’s the best way to discover and make people happy. To have an effective Instagram bot that doesn’t look spammy is to do the like automation. 

By now you may be wondering why automating likes is effective. Well, when you compare to follows and comments, likes are a clear nudge that only appear on other people’s activity feed. 

Many people are less suspicious of the like that comes from a person they don’t know. They are even happy or indifferent to have an extra like in their posts. Best of all, Instagram prefers the like automation because it increases engagement rates on their platform. So you can check your activity feed to find out who liked your posts and discover new Instagram accounts in this way.

Effectively automating likes by using an Instagram bot is as good as paying Instagram to have your Instagram account appear on other people’s home feeds via a sponsored feed. It’s a task that can create a lot of opportunities for your username to be discovered by other users who never thought you existed. 

Therefore, you need to program an Instagram bot so that it creates many discovery opportunities with users who can tap through your username and see the value in your account to follow you. A bot usually works when followers who are the right match can discover your username via an automated like that is in their activity feed. This website reveals more about the most effective Instagram bots.

Avoid automating comments

An Instagram comment can be a positive interaction only if it’s relevant to the content you post. Remember that a bot can interact with content, such as photos each day, so it can be hard to program it to ensure that it creates context-relevant comments for all the content it comes across with. 

Comment automation can create unpleasant interactions, especially when you comment on generic and vague phrases to try and get other people’s attention. As a result, this automation can create spam bots, so avoid automating comments.

Likewise, a follow can also be a positive interaction on Instagram only when it’s considered as sincere and organic by someone you’re following. Because a bot can interact with hundreds of accounts per day, it may be impossible to program a bot that can follow people will think it’s sincere and organic. 

It can also be annoying to others to follow them just to try and get their attention. This is another type of automation that can create spam bots, so avoid automating follows.

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