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The Best Wireless Charger and Mount for Road Trips

When going for a road trip, you need to be prepared for any eventuality. You might get stuck in some remote area due to a mechanical mishap. And when this happens, you’ll always cross your fingers hoping that you have enough charge. But you don’t have to travel with all this anxiety, especially when you have a wireless car charger.

With a wireless car charger, you can always move around with confidence, even to the most remote areas. You shouldn’t have to worry about your phone’s charge when you go for a road trip. Even when stranded and needing to make a call, you can always count on a wireless car charger to get your phone juiced up and ready.

But which wireless car charger is the best to purchase for road trips? The obvious quality of a good charger in this case is stability and performance. When you go for a road trip, you may pass through rough and bumpy terrain. Therefore, you’ll need a charger that you can count on in such cases. And here’s a list of the best chargers and mounts for road trips:

The Ultimate Wireless Car Charger by Fiora

This 3-in-1 wireless car charger is all you need for that road trip you plan to go to. It has a video dash cam and a strong mounting provision on your dashboard. This ensures that even when you move along rough terrain, your phone and the mount will be firmly affixed.

The advantage with this charger is that it also supports all devices that use wireless charging. Forget about the hustle of using tangling wires. Simply drag and drop your device and it will start to charge. This also helps to reduce any distractions on the road and ensure that you’re always safe driving. It also comes at a cost-effective price that isn’t going to dent your pockets.

Lynktec Bolt Smart Wireless Car Charger

When you’re looking for an adjustable and steady car mount charger, then you don't need to look any further. Lynktec has you sorted with the best device to juice up your phone on road trips.

It has a claw grip that enlarges automatically to hold large smartphones such as the Galaxy Note 10 and the rest. The charger fits perfectly on your dashboard or the AC vent – whichever way you prefer it. In fact, you can even place it on your windshield seamlessly.

The fact that this mount can rotate during usage is a huge advantage. If you’re lost during a road trip and want to get a clear image of the navigation, you can simply turn on your phone. It allows you to view your smartphone in both landscape and portrait mode.

Another great advantage with it is that you don’t have to remove your phone case when charging. It can deliver power through the case, even if it’s quite thick. Lastly, they include a bonus USB-C cable in the packaging.

IOttie iTap2 Wireless Car Charger

IOttie created a phone mount charger that solves one problem – claw-shaped designs that scuff leather cases. And how does it solve the problem? Well, just by using magnets. It works like other car chargers, as it affixes to the AC vent or the dashboard. What sets it apart from the rest is the manner in which you use it with your phone.

Rather than setting your phone inside a claw, the case is different from this wireless car charger. You can stick a tiny magnet to the back of your phone, or place it at the back of your phone’s case. Thereafter, you place your phone on the charging pad and voila – you have ajuiced up device.

The best part is the incredible level of stability it delivers. Even on bumpy roads, it holds on to your phone without letting go. As if this isn’t enough, it has a sleek and attractive design, which isn’t going to interfere with your dashboard’s aesthetics. If anything, it’ll add to it.

Probably the only disadvantage with this wireless car charger is the fact that you get it at a slightly higher cost, and the noise. Wondering what noise it makes? The iOttie charger has a cooling fan to ensure that your phone doesn’t overheat when charging. Thus, you might notice a bit of a humming sound when driving. But it’s not too loud to drown with some car audio or music anyway.

Kenu Airframe Wireless Car Charger

This is a reliable wireless car charger that’s secure and stable during a road trip. It has a slim and sleek appearance, which is undoubtedly going to match any car’s aesthetics. It has huge arms that can expand to incredible lengths just to hold your phone.

In addition, whether you want your device in portrait or landscape mode, this wireless car charger will deliver.

Final Thoughts

The chargers above will ensure that your road trip is a success. The choice of which wireless car charger to buy is solely yours. Check specific features and physical attributes when making a decision.

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