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The Brand New Destination for Pure Vegetarians in Kolkata


Modernist English writer, Virginia Woolf, had once written a line that said, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.” The quote has touched a lot of lives ever since. Food is the core of one’s being and no one can survive without food. However, everyone has their own food choices. Some like their non-vegetarian delight, while others focus more on their vegetarian diet. It is completely fine until the time you start exploring outside your home. Especially when you are touring a culturally diverse country like India, things get risky.

There is no doubt about the fact that India is known to be a food-loving paradise. But, in the maze of all those fancy dishes, vegetarian food is somehow lost. We keep on searching for quality vegetarian delicacies but end up getting staple food throughout. Bahula, a 100% vegetarian restaurant inside one of the finest boutique hotels in Kolkata, Barsana, is an exception. This restaurant provides the best of all worlds where vegetarian food is available in gourmet world cuisines.

What is so special about Bahula?

Bahula is a vegetarian restaurant in Kolkata situated within the premises of a 3-star luxury hotel. This automatically gives the restaurant an edge over the others in the city. What makes them extra special is the fact that they not only serve regular food but also caters to freshly prepared world cuisines.

The different cuisines on offer at the restaurant are:

  • Indian
  • European
  • Asian
  • Chinese
  • Mughlai
  • Continental
  • Oriental

The spectacular gourmet experience

The lip-smacking delicacies available at Bahula come with an exceptional gourmet experience. The food is prepared by chefs who are experts in their cuisines. The precision of the chefs while preparing the food is noticeable to the diners upon presentation. These chefs treat food in an artistic way.

All the ingredients required to prepare the item are sourced from all over the world and are of top-notch quality. The professional grade kitchen utility items and appliances are there specifically for the chefs. The gourmet food served is derived from recipes rooted from the origins of the cuisine. The chef can thus prepare mouthwatering food by incorporating those tricks.

Ambience and Surroundings

The fact that Bahula is situated inside one of the best hotels in Kolkata means that the delicious spread is backed up with a wonderful ambience forming a special mood. Keeping the overall theme of Barsana in mind, even the restaurant is decked up in light colors. The room, thus, feels warm. Sofas and chairs both are available for seating. Luxurious tableware and table setting acts as a cherry on the cake. Apart from the restaurant, Barsana also extends to its in-house banquet hall-cum-conference room, Advaya, which hosts small gatherings as well as business meetings.

Conclusion: Bahula and Advaya are surely parts of the Barsana hotel but they are accessible for everyone and all you have to do to reserve your booking in advance is contact Barsana hotel at +91 8585066247.

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