The Car Doctor - Signs that Subtly Tell that your Car is about to Give Up


It is essential that you take your car for regular checkups and maintenance; since it can help you spot potential issues a mile away. That’s probably an exaggeration but you should still be able to find out about any potential problems before the same develops into a major issue and leaves you stranded in the middle of nowhere. And that is why you need to check out the list below to see if your car is currently showing any indicators such as the ones listed below,

1. Persistent Dashboard Lights

This may not seem like much of a problem but it is; when you turn on the ignition, your dashboard lights up and that’s common in all cars. But in some, the dashboard lights persist and do not turn off automatically after a few seconds of starting your car. These lights had been designed to turn off automatically after a few seconds and when they do not, that means that there is either a problem with your engine or your electronics. And if you continue to leave this issue unattended, then it could well develop into a major issue. Just Google Adelaide car wreckers and that should help list out websites which show you just how to spot when your car is in some serious trouble.

2. Blue, White and Black Smoke

Nope, we are not conducting a surprise election but the fact is that your car exhaust can at times come up with exhaust smoke in interesting shades. But what you need to know that when your car’s exhaust happens to be black, that means that you need to get your filters cleaned. However when the exhaust happens to be blue, then that’s an indication that the oil is getting into your fuel and if the exhaust happens to be white, that indicates that some of the anti-freeze has gotten into your fuel line, When these issues happen, the evident thing for you to do is to take your car to your mechanic and get the same fixed at the earliest. You can search online for car dismantlers Adelaide as that should help provide you with more than a few vendors whom you can contact right away and ask them for help instead.

3. Clunking Noises

Clunking noises are often an indication that something is broken in your car and you would need to get the same checked out at the earliest. When you do not, then it is going to develop into a larger problem and then conk out just when you are in the middle of the highway. This is why it is essential that you take your car to your mechanic so that he can check out the same and also helps to rectify the issue.

4. Grinding Noises

If your car develops a grinding noise and one that seems to be growing in intensity as well, then you need to get the same checked out at the earliest, It should be pointed out that grinding noises usually mean that something has gone wrong with your transmission.


5. Slows Down for No Apparent Reason

Your car could all of a sudden slow down before coming to a halt. You need to get the same checked out at the earliest, it could be a case of dead battery or something else altogether. And it is essential that you get the same checked out by your mechanic and that you can ensure that the issue is completely fixed up and is now, as good as new.

These are some of the sure-fire indications that your car has developed a serious issue and one that you need to tackle right away. Just keep in mind that your vehicle insurance may not cover all mechanic related costs and you may have to pay up for the repairs. But make sure that you get your car checked out regularly so that you can avoid issues such as these and make sure that your car continues to be in prime condition.