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The Categories Of Web Marketing for Law Firms

Although web marketing shares several similarities with its traditional counterpart, it must be thought of according to the web's medium.Digital marketing for law firms can also be done using the web. The internet is a unique communication and distribution channel that must be successfully exploited. To do this, four categories of web marketing can be distinguished, thus facilitating the company's digital strategy development and implementation.

1) The web marketing strategy

This category of web marketing is mainly interested in analyzing the behavior of competitors and internet users.

Competitive analysis

Analyzing your competition serves to identify the strengths and weaknesses of other players in the field. Pointing out an asset in a competitor makes it possible to integrate it into your web marketing while personalizing this strength according to your strategy. Likewise, a competitor's weakness must be exploited to recover part of the market it occupies.

Strategic watch

Setting up a watch is mandatory if you want to develop on the internet. Whether monitoring is informal, that is to say just through personal and ad hoc observations, or whether it is structured using tools, its usefulness remains fundamentally the same. Carrying out a watch makes it possible to report on changes in the market and consumption habits. A digital watch is therefore essential to follow, or even anticipate, changes.

Launch and development of the website

The website is, like social networks, imperative to sell through the web. To improve your visibility on the web, you have to work on your natural referencing (also called seo) to obtain the best possible positions on the google results page. We must also make sure to increase the number of followers on social networks continually.

2) Generate traffic

Before selling, you must succeed in bringing customers to either. Acquiring traffic is a fundamental lever of web marketing.

·         SEO Optimization

Natural referencing, or SEO, corresponds to the pages of a website on search engines' results. The higher a site appears in Google’s results pages, the more traffic it generates. This is why it is essential to work on your seo so that the site is positioned on the desired keywords and queries.

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·         Emailing Campaign

Sending massive emails through an email campaign is an excellent way to reach a large audience. A promotional email, preferably containing an exclusive offer, is a guarantee to expand its customer base.

·         Advertising on social networks and google

The listing fee, or sea, is a complement to seo to get good positions on google. Advertising campaigns on google, Facebook, and other social networks make it possible to make the brand known to hundreds or even thousands of internet users.

·         Talk about either on social networks.

Being active on the networks may be essential, depending on the activity of the company. Contests, temporary promotion, and publication of a message that goes viral. It is essential to show up on social networks and encourage followers to react and relay your publications.

3) Build customer loyalty

Generating traffic is one thing; selling and retaining customers is another.

·         Encourage Followers To Participate.

Stimulating your audience and arousing their curiosity daily is essential to retain them. Encouraging your followers to react to social network publications via competition is an excellent way to unite your community.

·         Respond to customer messages

Responding to internet user comments shows that their comments are considered, whether positive or negative. Responding directly to a particular message humanizes the company and brings a specific bond with its customers.

·         Personalized emailing campaign

Sending emails that contain a promotion intended exclusively for your customers is a great way to encourage them to make a new purchase.

4) Performance analysis

Monitoring the statistics of your site and social networks allows you to identify the actions to be implemented to increase your internet sales.

·         Monitoring of site metrics

Monitoring the performance of its site using dedicated tools (analytics, ahrefs, majestic, etc.) Allows visitors to be aware of visitors' behavior. The number of visitors, the conversion rate, and the time spent on the site, the number of orders made are just as many statistics to use.

·         Social media metrics tracking

In the same way as for the site, following the behavior of its followers on social networks is essential to improve its web marketing.

·         Monitoring of emailing campaign metrics

Open rate, click rate on the promotional offer displayed in the email, number of new subscribers, and unsubscribes to the newsletter. Emailing is, like social networks and the site, to be monitored to optimize it.

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