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The Complete Guide for Construction Realtors to Use to Digital Marketing to Boost Sales

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Construction realtors are always looking for new ways to boost their sales and engage more audiences with modern tools. Whether it is residential construction estimating or renovation processes, there is always room for improvement, and digital marketing is here to fill in the gap and bring more sales to your doorstep.

The modern era requires every business to not only have a powerful online presence but also have a strong marketing strategy and plan in place. Without these, no one will ever take you seriously, and you will be squashed by your competition.

Digital marketing is among the best and most effective ways to reach a wider set of audiences without having to do much manual labor. All you have to do is do segmentation of the kind of audiences you want to engage, understand the major platforms to access the pre-determined audiences, and do online digital marketing with ads directed at them. It sounds easy, and well, with modern tools and the right practices, it is quite easy.

Today, we have compiled a list of all the important steps of the perfect digital marketing plan for construction realtors. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Develop an Email Campaign

Gone are the days of hand-made or printed flyers to be distributed across the windshields of parking lots. Now is the era of email campaigns.

So, all you have to do is find the leads for your potential clients. What does this mean? Well, leads are the email addresses of the potential clients that you want to access. You can either peruse through the internet to find these leads by yourself, or you can hire an agency to offer you helpful and real leads for the clients.

Once you have these leads, the next step is to create relevant and construction-related content for your clients, which they will be interested in. Send out the emails, do not spam the same clients, and hope for the best. If your content is relevant to their needs, you will be able to reach more people with email campaigns than any other form of traditional marketing.

Facebook Local Advertising

Facebook, the giant social network, is yet another platform for amazing digital marketing techniques and exposure.

Ask yourself, "Who doesn't use Facebook?". You will find out that more than 2.50 billion people use Facebook on a daily basis. This is more than one-third of the total population, and everyone you know or everyone who is associated with the world of construction currently uses Facebook. So, it makes sense to take advantage of Facebook's local advertising opportunities and capitalize on this.

You can create an online Facebook page for your business, set up daily targets, set up personalized and tailored ads for different regions, pay a small fee, and get started with it. You can also make use of the offered metrics by Facebook to analyze how your advertisements are affecting people, how well they are responding to the current ads, and modify the strategy to bring home more customers.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC Advertising is among the more traditional methods of advertisements, but it has also improved itself significantly with the advent of modern digital marketing strategies.

Pay-Per-Click, as the name suggests, are those ads where you only have to pay if someone clicks on your advertisement. Every time someone clicks on your ad, you will have to pay a small fee. However, with this form of advertisement, you can be sure that you are only paying for those advertisements which offer a high chance of converting a potential customer into a sale.

On Google's advertisement backend, you can customize such advertisements to reach local individuals in a specific region, rendering them useful to local business owners and realtors. This is a smart opportunity to make sure you have fresh leads that are truly involved in your business because they clicked on and opted for your ads.

Host Virtual Tours

What if you could take your customers on a journey of the homes without ever requiring them to step out of their comfort zones? Wouldn’t they like it? Well, virtual tours do just that for you.

You can create a new section on your website where you can offer virtual tours. All you have to do is get high-quality pictures and videos of the houses and then place them all aesthetically in a sort of a tour. This way, the clients will see what they want to see without having to drive around the town from house to house.

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement was, is, and will always be the backbone of any business, including construction realtor business. If customers do not feel happy with you, they will opt out and choose another business over you. This is why it is important to engage with them in a positive manner wherever it is possible.

Retention of existing customers is not only cheaper but more viable in the long run. So, you have to come up with a strategy to promote round the clock customer engagement on the online forums.

This means that you are always there to answer their questions, address their concerns, and thank them when they leave positive feedback regarding your business. This also means that you should also reply in a humble manner when they are unhappy and leave negative feedback, and assure them that they will be heard.

Moreover, customer engagement also suggests that you come up with a way of positively engaging with previous clients on social media forums. This can mean that you offer them bonus privileges or give away rewards for liking your social media posts, etc.

Multilingual Marketing

Comprenez-Vous ce qui est écrit dans cette phrase?” Did you understand what was written in the previous sentence? The common answer will be no because the chances are that you do not speak the language. So, it makes sense to offer multilingual marketing strategies since not every potential client understands the same language.

This does not necessarily mean that you change the way your business works. This merely suggests that you offer support for multiple languages on your landing page and on your social media outreach program.

Host A Webinar

Sharing all of your technical real estate experience is key to effective digital marketing. Luckily, technologies such as webinars and online seminars make it easier to access and remain applicable to a wide market in the field.

When you share your experiences with others, it humanizes you and makes you appear more relatable to your potential audiences. Thanks to the hundreds of online tools, you can now easily host a webinar for your audiences.

GoToWebinar, an online tool offered by GoToMeeting, is a webinar hosting platform built to make webinar events simple to build and host and is highly user friendly on both ends of the process.

To real estate practitioners, digital marketing depends highly on creating inbound leads, and putting your brand and experience out there is key to an effective digital marketing strategy.


It doesn’t matter how much money or resources you have; what matters is how you use them for your advantage.

The modern online world offers bundles of marketing platforms and opportunities at your disposal. Get your head in the game, hire marketing consultants, figure out a way to reach people using social media platforms, and then do your best.

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