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The Complete Guide to Growing Taller

Would you rather be tall, short or just an average height? I bet you will like to be tall if allowed to choose. And the reasons for this are not farfetched, in reality, it is better to be tall than not as it comes with many advantages, some of these advantages include:

It Increases your chance of being successful: 

As weird as it may sound, being taller increases your chances of being successful. Not only are you able to gain respect from people and take charge of a board room meeting, but you are also able to achieve the result as people tend to give tall people a leg. According to research, most company CEOs are tall. Height may seem to have nothing to do with being successful, but it’s better to be tall and stand a better chance of being successful than being short.

Tall People are seen as more confident:

Being tall enables you to strut across the world as everyone probably sees you as a powerhouse. Again, according to research, taller people often appear very confident and have better social skills; people are usually drawn to them.

They Appear Attractive: 

Most women are naturally drawn to tall men as they see them as more superior, powerful, and attractive. What man doesn't want to attract the ladies?

Your height is sometimes more important than your looks:

Again, this may seem ridiculous but most women like their men tall as this is more important than the man’s look (to them at least), they want to be able to look up to their man rather than be at the same eye level with him or even look down at him.

Job Recruitment:

 It will interest you to note that 70% of companies now have height as a job requirement that must be met before you can be given a job. It has been observed that companies will rather pick candidates that are taller if they were to choose from applicants that are of equal skills and qualification.


In sports, most coaches always choose players that are taller as against those that are not; height as you probably know is a major requirement. Research has shown that taller basketball players tend to score more, block more shots and rebound more. Hence, they are often given a chance to play. There are a number of sites which are available on the internet.

While all these may seem very unfair to those that are not so tall, the good news is that you can do something to elevate your height. This doesn’t have to be surgery; it only involves you wearing the right type of shoes. For the confidence you require for that interview, or to impress your lady friend, you will need the best elevator shoes for men. If you are looking for the brand that offers the best elevator shoes then look no further from GuidoMaggi, they are simply the best in the game. GuidoMaggishoes are comfortable and trendy; it gives you great value for your money.

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