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The Crucial Importance of Seo and Its Impact on Digital Marketing

Seo and Its Impact

SEO is defined as the process of making any web page easier to find, easier to categorise and also easier to browse through as well. It’s all about helping out your customers to find your business easily among hundreds of other companies. In any kind of digital marketing strategy, SEO forms an integral part and it needs to be nurtured and cared for as well. SEO can also be termed as a holistic move to drive your customers towards your business with the help of numerous online platforms. 

If you want to do that, you need to ensure that the website must be ranked higher on the search engine result page of Google search - which can be obtained by SEO and online marketing services. And to ensure that, you need to first know some of its major importance and role-playing on digital marketing.

Impact And Importance Of SEO On Digital Marketing

1. Need The Same Skills And Functions

The very first thing that you need to learn about SEO and digital marketing is that there are no such differences in the approaches of each procedure. Both of them carry out the same functions and will also possess the same skills too. 

Due to marketing purposes, the titles are separated. To understand the whole process you also need to look through the underlying concept too. 

2. SEO Is The Subset Of Digital Marketing

When you talk about SEO it means that you’re directing towards the organic hits needed for your business organisation. On the other hand, digital marketing is mainly aimed at the total existence of the business online - which also goes beyond the normal definition of SEO. In simpler terms, it can be defined as SEO is a part of digital marketing - but one very crucial one at it. 

One of the most contemporary trends of managing SEO along with digital marketing includes the optimisation of the website and also the marketing through a search engine. For instance, there are some inherent factors that truly help in improving the SEO and thereby improve the digital marketing process, such as using the right keywords, behavioural marketing, contextual marketing, advertising through mobile and so on. It also includes viral marketing as well.

3. Development Of Integrated Digital Marketing

As days pass by, SEO is becoming a lot more relevant for companies who want to earn organic growth. SEO also leads to the success of digital marketing in a way as well. SEO came into the picture in the 1990s and during those days procedures like keyword stuffing, meta tags for keywords and other techniques were used to rank better in the search engine results. In the year 2004, the procedures had changed and there was an increase in the use of anchoring texts, inter-linking website addresses and the likes had taken place. 

From the year 2011, vertical search inclusion and social media marketing were the only major ways of conducting SEO. Over time, the algorithms were updated mainly for bringing more traffic and the tactics from the year 2004 are now outdated. 

The following are some of the major factors that have increased in its influence in the last couple of years, in regards to SEO:

  • Use Of Social Media - Social media is gaining a whole lot of importance and therefore have been the most used platforms for viral marketing. These social media websites are in line with the latest SEO trends and thereby also control its potential too.
  • Use Of Quality Content - Google has changed its algorithms which now promotes websites based on their content quality and motive rather than using a link-building mechanism to stay afloat on top of the search results. 
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