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The Difference between Commercial and Residential Carpet

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Carpets give the comfort and the perfect feel when you step on them. Carpets are of two types based on the place they are applied. They can be differentiated based on Residential Carpets and Commercial Grade Carpets. These differences must be kept in mind before purchasing and maintaining them. There are also differences in maintenance and cleaning methods. You can find various commercial and residential carpet cleaner near Indiana. Based on the carpet you have, you should select services wisely.

There are differences in the way these carpets are made because of the places they are intended to be applied. The different characteristics of the carpet are because of the nature of the places. A commercial area is supposed to accommodate many people. Whereas, in a residential area only a limited number of persons are accommodated. Therefore, the carpet must suit the necessity of the place.

Commercial and Residential Carpets are different in various aspects. Some of them are mentioned here.

  1. Artistry: The work and design on the carpet are differentiated based upon the place. A commercial carpet does not have many designs and has more solid colors. On the other hand, residential carpet sports various designs and a wide range of colors can also be found. You will also find commercial carpets to be dark-colored. Whereas, the residential carpets will be light-colored. This is because the commercial areas have more chances of spill and dirt contrary to a home where one needs to feel lively.
  2. Comfort: Expectations of comfort varies from carpet to carpet. A residential carpet is expected to be more comfortable. This is because in the home people are often barefoot and the kids often lie down and play over the carpet. Whereas, in commercial carpets, much comfort is not expected. More durability is expected from the commercial carpets, so they are not made of much soft material. The residential carpets are made with more cushion padding underneath to give more comfort.
  3. Durability: Residential and Commercial Carpets are different in durability as well. A commercial carpet must accommodate a huge number of people. It will also be difficult to repair and replace the carpet in the commercial space. Whereas, in a residential place carpets do not accommodate that many people. It will also be easy to repair and replace the carpet in a residential place. It is also observed that commercial carpets are made with shorter pile heights as compared to higher pile heights of the residential carpets. A commercial carpet is expected to last for 10-15 years.
  4. Maintenance: Residential and Commercial Carpets are different in maintenance as well. Residential Carpets require daily vacuuming. They also need to be cleaned once in a year to maintain the fabric and look of the carpet. On the other hand, commercial carpets are more prone to wear and tear. As more traffic is accommodated by the commercial carpets, more dirt is also attracted. Commercial carpets need to be vacuumed twice a day and they need to be deep cleaned once in every quarter. However, commercial carpets are often stain-resistant and residential carpets are not. This also makes maintenance different as well.
  5. Cost of the Carpet: Along with the differences in the characteristics, it is obvious that the cost will also vary. A commercial carpet is more affordable keeping in mind the area for which it is purchased. A residential carpet will be more costly as compared to commercial carpet because it is more comfortable.
  6. The Difference in the Making: Commercial Carpets and Residential Carpets are also made differently. Most Commercial carpets are made up of nylon because of the durability. Whereas, the residential carpets are often made up of wool. The density of a commercial carpet is more as compared to that of residential carpets. Commercial carpets are dyed with a dark color to increase longevity. Residential carpets are dyed with lighter colors to make them livelier.
  7. Cleaning Method: The cleaning method for these different kinds of carpets is also different. For Commercial carpets, the generally used method is the Low Moisture method. This method removes dirt, grit, sand and other objects. This method also lets the commercial carpet dry quickly which makes it more business friendly. For Residential Carpets, Hot water extraction method or steam cleaning in more preferred. This helps remove dirt and bacteria as well. This method is ideal to remove the stains from the carpet. Based on your needs, you can find commercial andresidential carpet cleaner near Indiana.

As the nature of the carpets is different, the expectations of them are also different. This results in a difference in the maintenance and cleaning process of the carpet. Therefore, it is advisable to select your carpet based on your needs which depend upon your place. It is also advisable to use the cleaning service based on the nature of your carpet. If you are looking for a residential carpet cleaner near Indiana, Windell’s Carpet Care is your sure shot which will work. They have expertise in cleaning residential carpets and their results have never been dissatisfying.

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