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The different Types of Yoga

Whether you aim at relaxation or detoxification, yoga styles reward you exceptionally. Some yoga forms include rigorous body movements while others introduce to new ways of breathing. But on a holistic level, each yoga style integrates body, mind and inner energies thus leading you toward a state of enlightenment.

Ranging from classical to contemporary, there are mystifying yoga forms which are ideal for mental and emotional health as one progress through the stages of life.

1. Hatha Yoga: It is one of the oldest forms of yoga discovered and practiced by mankind. Hatha yoga is composed of two Sanskrit syllables, ‘Ha,’ meaning sun and ‘Tha,’ meaning moon, which are harmonized through Hatha yoga postures. Hatha yoga is an umbrella term for physical yoga practices, like asanas, breathing, diet and more for the ideal body-mind balance.

2. Ashtanga Yoga: For yoga in Nepal students aiming at an intense form of yoga, practice Ashtanga yoga. It is a style of yoga that focuses on performing a fixed sequence of postures interconnected with breath to purify the human system. The Ashtanga yoga series of flowing postures begin with Sun Salutation and have a mix of simple and challenging yoga poses thus preparing you for higher capabilities as a human being. The practice of stretching, strengthening and relaxing poses in Ashtanga yoga style enhances your agility, endurance, health, and well-being.

3. Iyengar Yoga: Iyengar yoga is named after its developer and preacher, revered B.K.S Iyengar. Iyengar yoga emphasizes on systematic teaching of yoga postures, where each asana is performed with the help of yoga props for correct alignment. The yoga props provide you with the necessary strength to hold the pose for a longer period of time so that you can make the most out of the performed yoga poses. The Iyengar yoga in Nepal is taught in classes having mirrors, props and guidance of teachers for correct implementation of the postural techniques.

4. Bikram Yoga: Bikram Chaudhary modified various yoga postures and weaved them into his own sequence called Bikram Yoga. The Bikram yoga is practiced in a closed and hot room. The heat of the room and exertion of the postures result in profuse sweating thus aiding in detoxification, stretch, tension relief, weight loss and flexibility.

5. Anusara Yoga: Popularized by John Friend, Anusara is a yoga style rooted in non-dual Tantric Philosophy. Anusara means going with the flow, following the heart and flowing with grace. Therefore, with the practice of Anusara, you experience bliss and joy in your practice as well as in your daily life. The prime focus of Anusara yoga style is adherence to ‘Universal Principles of Alignment.’ The attention to alignment while performing Anusara yoga style ensures safe opening of the body so that there is optimal circulation that fosters strength and good wellbeing.

6. Restorative Yoga: Restorative yoga is designed to let you unwind and relax after a long tiring day. At its core, it focuses on body relaxation. As you stay in the pose for a longer duration with the help of yoga props, you get the opportunity to sink deeper into relaxation. Restorative yoga is also practiced for experiencing mental purification and rejuvenation.

7. Vinyasa Yoga: Vinyasa refers to “placing in a special way." So, Vinyasa yoga in Nepal classes is most creative, where teachers arrange poses in a unique way with breath movements every time. As you flow from one pose to another, Vinyasa becomes an athletic form of yoga.

In addition to these, there are other yoga types, like Prenatal Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and more that you can practice for overall health and wellness.

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