The DIY Version of a College Degree


Technology has changed the way that we live. One hundred years ago, a computer was nearly an unheard-of devise and a telephone call was connected through an operator with a switchboard. Now, connection to information has completely transformed the way we go about our daily lives- from the way we raise our families, work at our jobs, and even obtain our education. Before, obtaining a college degree depended on us giving up two or more years of our lives, dedicating time to sitting in a classroom while we awaited the piece of paper that allowed us to start our career in our chosen field. However, with technology, online learning has changed the way that we think about college education, allowing for much more efficiency and flexibility for everyone who is looking to increase their earning potential.

Any Stage in Life

A college education used to be thought of just for those who were exiting high school. Now, more and more adults are looking to change careers or further their education in a field they are currently in. Many adult engineers are looking towards online education to enhance their technical skills, because they do not have to face the stigma of sitting in a room of eighteen-year-olds who were raised in a world of technology. Now, adults can learn at home and customize their own degree, allowing them to feel more comfortable and learn at their own pace.

Reduction of Cost

Most electrical engineering online degrees are much less expensive that classroom settings, which makes it more cost efficient for those who are looking to customize their degree. Many individuals meet some of the prerequisites due to work experience and training, so they can consult with the college’s registrar to discuss this and potentially save yourself from taking courses that life experience will qualify you in satisfying! Online classes tend to be less expensive than college classrooms, and you also have a reduction of fees that you would typically pay on campus also.

Flexibility of Schedule

One of the biggest advantages of taking your degree online is the flexibility in your schedule. College campuses have a very set schedule of when classes meet. Sometimes that requires you to take off work, find babysitters for kids, having to take one class at a time because it conflicts with another class, and more. Online classes allow you to customize your schedule, allowing you to take classes later at night or in the morning, complete assignments when you have the time to, and some classes offer a more self-paced approach. The flexibility allows for the individual to choose what is best for their lives, because we all know that life can change from one month to the next.

Less Commute Time

One of the other downfalls of taking classes at a college is the fact you must consider commute time and weather in your class schedule. Taking online classes allows you to work right from the comfort of your own home- in your pajamas if you want to. You don’t have to consider the cost of wardrobe, gasoline and worry about traveling in treacherous weather to get to class. The joy of firing up your computer or smartphone is the you can make it to class, even if you are still laying in bed. That is customization!


Customizable Degree

Many colleges have a predetermined set of classes that you need to take in order to obtain your degree. Many online colleges have started to change this concept. Many times, online degrees offer customization. You may be well versed in electrical engineering but may need to vamp up your sales or communication. You may need to boost your technological or automation approaches. Whatever your needs are, there is a way that you can customize your online experience so that you are obtaining the continuing education that you really need, while bypassing the things that you don’t.

There are so many reasons why obtaining an online degree has advantages over a traditional classroom setting. The flexibility, customization, efficiency, time and cost savings are just a few reasons why so many people are looking to technology as a resource now to obtain their educations.