The Do’s And Don'ts Of Affiliate Marketing


There are certain practices you have to employ in affiliate marketing to get the best results. 

At the same time there are practices you should avoid to prevent the possibility of failing and reaping poor results. 

Given below are some do’s and don’ts.


Place Links In Relevant Positions


The affiliate link should be easily visible and accessible to your audience who view your content. It is always recommended to place your affiliate link in the first half of your blog post so the person won’t have to scroll down to find it. 

You should also embed text links into articles for a higher CTR.

Use Affiliate Tools

Using affiliate marketing tools can definitely help improve your sales by increasing traffic to your site. 

There are many tools like keyword research tools which help you choose the best target keywords, content review tools which help improve your content and data analytic tools which help you track your performance.

Negotiate With Your Advertiser

If you are generating great traffic and your promotional campaigns are doing well and generating a good number of sales, don’t hesitate to negotiate with your advertiser for a better payout. 

If you are consistently performing well, your advertiser might offer you a higher commission.

Join A Well Paying Affiliate Program

Join a good affiliate program which will offer you a decent or high commission for every sale you make. 

Some affiliate marketers join programs where they promote a ton of products only to receive a very low commission for each sale they make. 

The benefit of promoting an expensive product is that you receive a higher commission, about 30%-40% per sale.

Be Patient

You are not going to be generating tons of sales overnight. If you are a new affiliate marketer, be careful not to have any unrealistic expectations. 

It might be a while before you start making a decent number of sales or generate any income. 


Picking The Wrong Niche

It is going to be very hard to create content centred around a niche you are not interested in or have no knowledge about. 

Some people tend to pick a niche which seems profitable instead of picking one they like. 

Unless you hire writers to write the content for you, writing about a niche you don’t know about is going to be time and labour intensive.

Creating Poor Quality Content

Poorly written content is one of the top 5 reasons why affiliate marketers fail

Copying content from other websites won’t make you stand out from your competitors. 

Your content should be unique, original and helpful to your target audience so they keep coming back for more.

Promoting The Wrong Products

You should always promote good quality products which are relevant to your niche. 

For example if your blog is about nutrition, the product you promote should be related to nutrition in some way. If you promote a video game, your audience is likely to get turned off or not find you genuine. 

Make sure the products you promote have good reviews on the internet.

Promoting Too Many Products

Many affiliate marketers who are desperate to make money end up picking too many products or signing up for too many affiliate programs. 

This will give you less time to promote each product and you won’t be able to promote each one effectively. Your audience will also fail to get a clear idea of which products they should buy. 

Start out with a few quality products especially if you are a beginner.

Violating The Affiliate Program’s Terms

Make sure you go over your affiliate program’s terms and conditions thoroughly before signing up for it. 

It will contain information regarding the way you should promote the products and other rules which should be followed. 

Violating the terms can lead to your removal from the program or even cancelling your commission.


Many affiliate marketers only realize the do’s and don’ts after spending a considerable amount of time doing affiliate marketing. Make sure you practice good affiliate marketing habits from the beginning itself to save valuable time and money.

Author Bio:


Res Marty, the founder of Affiliate Academy has been in the affiliate marketing space since 2018. In his blog he provides new affiliate marketers with the best marketing tips and tricks, and tells them how they can achieve financial freedom.