The Emerald Corp Is The Leader In Private Label Supplement Manufacturing


As the leading private label supplement manufacturer in the United States, Emerald Corp offers the widest range of nutraceutical supplements that are sold under different brand names by resellers. This is a very effective way of marketing dietary and cosmetic supplements wherein the marketing partners sell the products under their brand name and generate the revenue while Emerald Corp focuses mainly on R&D and product development. The company also has a rich and varied experience of branding, marketing and selling, which it is ready to share with any reseller who wishes to take advantage of that experience. Introducing innovative products into the market enables a manufacturer to measure the response of the consumers. 

Millennials driving growth in the nutraceuticals industry 

People everywhere especially here in the United States, are much more conscious about their health and fitness than they used to be a couple of decades ago. They are particularly choosy about the stuff they eat, drink and apply on their skin and hair. The demography that leads in this kind of product preference is the millennials, who are much better informed about the ill effects of chemical-based formulations. They want organic products that are produced through GMP manufacturing, be it for food supplements, oral care, hair care or skin care. 

Emerald Corp offers flexibility in partnership    

One of the biggest advantages of partnering Emerald Corp is that resellers can expect full cooperation from the company even if they happen to be new in the business. There is total guidance for new companies, right from market research to product selection and even packaging design and marketing communications.  As a white label supplement manufacturer, Emerald Corp has a treasure trove of experience that partners at different levels can count on. At the same time, established and experienced brands can get products customized to meet the demand in their respective markets. 

Focus on quality helps in gaining market share

Emerald Corp specializes in Cannabinoid sciences and has been able to develop a wide range of CBD formulations that are infused in the different supplements the company manufactures. These products have excellent health benefits for users in addition to being totally organic in their composition. As a liquid supplement manufacturer, Emerald Corp believes in scaling up market reach for its range of holistic health products. The best way to do it is by focusing deeper on product development and leave the marketing to partner brands who feel encouraged to sell superior quality products.   


It is an additional advantage when the most important segment of customers are millennials, who are generally far better informed than most other categories of consumers. For a private label supplements manufacturer like Emerald Corp that invests heavily on research and development, it is also an advantage when different resellers are selling its products under their own brand name. Better customer appreciation for the products they are selling means greater scope of expanding their market for which, they will make the necessary investments. In the end, it is a win-win deal for all the stakeholders involved; the consumer gets good quality at good prices and the manufacturer and marketers get larger market-share and higher revenues.