The Entrepreneurial Journey of Gurbaksh Chahal

Gurbaksh Chahal Founder

The professional journey of Gurbaksh Chahal began when he started his first company called ClickAgents, which is one the first, few ad networks that initiated the cost-per-click model. After running the company for a while, he managed to sell it for $40 million to ValueClick.

After four years, he founded another company named BlueLithium. With a sound understanding of the optimization and analytics of data, he was able to help many web advertisers with behavioral targeting. With the success it managed to achieve, BlueLithium was able to be one among the 100 private firms in America for three consecutive years. By the year 2007, it was listed as the 5th largest ad network in the United States of America. The same year, Yahoo decided to acquire BlueLithium for an unbelievable $300 million.

In the year 2009, GChahal also introduced another company called RadiumOne to the market that soon became one of the fastest and highly recognized programmatic platforms that leverage social data all around the internet. Chahal is currently holding 11 patents for the development of the underlying ShareGraph technology. Later, RhythmOne acquired RadiumOne from Chahal.

Chahal also launched a fourth company and named it DaVinci Marketing Cloud. Chahal always wanted to bridge a gap between the software marketing automation and machine learning with a dynamic focus on their blockchain technologies. Currently, he has more than a dozen patents that are in the development phase.

Gurbaksh Chahal, DaVinci Marketing Cloud Founder, was able to bring a highly sophisticated high-frequency OS for machine-learning marketing for boosting ROAS and enhancing digital advertising through customization. It will collate the customer experience in order to help marketers target a person throughout the 11 phases of the consumer journey, irrespective of delivery channel, and across all touch-points. The branded AI technology, Mona Lisa, integrates seamlessly into the marketing cloud, which is later stitched together and organized into a very semantic graph for creating connection clusters with the help of correlation variables for ultimately building consumer personas for personalized and automated targeting.

With a single click, marketers and agencies are empowered to permit connected software for optimizing and driving a $230 billion global advertising market manually. The headquarters of the company is in London, but there are several offices in India, Taipei, Sydney, Dublin, Hong Kong, Christchurch, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Amsterdam, Singapore, and Auckland.

Chahal has mentioned his life struggles in a bestseller that he published, which eventually made him a public figure. He also managed to inspire people through his online presence. People can find Gurbaksh Chahal on Facebook, YouTube, and several other social media channels.

He was also featured in many global publications along with the Oprah Winfrey Show, where he mentioned about his entrepreneurial journey. He has also been awarded for his achievements in the world of business. The BusinessWeek referred to him as the Best Tech Entrepreneurs in the year 2010. He also received the Pace University’s Management Award with an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Commercial Science. The Amrapali Award for Entrepreneur of the Light of India Awards 2012, People’s Award of Excellence in Business Leadership, and Most Influential CEO are some of the accolades he received. Later, he was awarded the Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year as well.

Gurbaksh Chahal Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Award


Chahal has been continuously committed to the Gurbaksh Chahal Foundation, a non-profit organization that has grown over the years to spread awareness globally around various social causes, support disaster relief efforts, provide mentorships and university scholarships, improve school conditions in third world nations, and build awareness of eradicating child sex trafficking. With all these efforts, he intends to bring a positive change to the world.