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The Evolving Role of the Chief Learning Officer

The infinite power of learning is what makes humans a superior species and it is essential to embrace it for innovation and advancement.

Today’s businesses are well aware of this fact and are making the efforts of designing learning ventures for their employees in order to foster change in their existing systems and moving towards unparalleled progress and success. And, to carry out this initiative, they have given birth to the position of the Chief Learning Officer.

In the traditional sense, the CLO roles revolve around an organization’s learning programs along with aligning those with the overall objectives of the business. The time when it incepted, the CLO position was attached to supplying training programs, leading learning initiatives and acting as a guide to the senior management. However, there has been a transformation in the past few years as Chief Learning Officers have become the important players driving change.

Chief Learning Officer – The Change Agent

The capacity to change is what differentiates a successful firm from a not very successful one. And, a competent CLO can bring the required alterations in the right volume at the correct time which makes them the groundbreakers that lead businesses towards unmatched prosperity.

Chief Learning Officer Responsibilities

  • A CLO is involved in onboarding, training programs as well as materials, employee development, executive mentoring, knowledge management along with succession planning. They may also govern the selection together with the implementation of learning management systems.
  • Training is an art that CLO have to master to impart resourceful skills to the workers. Storytelling is the finest technique to grab the attention of the learners and CLOs must integrate it into their training to encourage leadership in the company, renovation of its outmoded processes and give rise to an agile organization.
  • Though several Chief Learning Officers do not play a major part in the process of recruitment, the ones who are must take up the essential responsibility of developing and maintaining talent that is aligned to the firm’s corporate culture. CLOs need to ensure that they allow employees to rotate their tasks on a day to day basis and also that the training programs are in line with the needs and preferences of the learners. Over and above, the CLO should be in a place to guarantee that each move that they make is the support of the culture of learning.
  • And, as Big Data and analytics continue to disrupt every industry at an inexplicable rate, the Chief Learning Officers should be capable of comprehending statistics to pull out useful insights. Whether it is about working with Human Resources to decode why workers are exiting or identifying at the kinds of training that can drive higher profits - data is the solution.

The role of learning officer is genuinely evolving and it now includes a braid array of responsibilities which were not prevalent earlier. It is not only one of the most important position of the C-Suites but is now one extremely versatile and multi-faceted too.


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