The Fascinating Part Of The Popped Out Belly Button During Pregnancy


It is a fact that pregnancy brings happiness as well as some concerns for would-be moms. Putting on weight during pregnancy is a common thing. If you are pregnant, then you might be noticing some transformations in your body apart from putting on weight. One of the fascinating transformations is to see your belly button getting popped out with each passing month. The protruding belly button in females during pregnancy is called as outtie. Have you ever thought of the reason behind the protruding belly button? Many pregnant women are curious to know the reason of popping out of belly button at the time of pregnancy. If you too want to know the reason, then you will have to glance through the next lines.

Why is the cause of popped out belly button in pregnancy?

Every month, you may notice that the belly button is coming forward which could make you worry. The good news is that there is nothing to worry when you see your belly button gets popped out in your pregnancy days. In your nine months of pregnancy, it is the uterus which pushes the abdomen which in turn makes the belly button move forward automatically. When you are expecting, the uterus expands at a rapid speed. When you reach the second stage of pregnancy, you observe the belly button has popped out. The belly button will bound to pop out every month which is a natural process and something unavoidable. Some pregnant women get tensed or panics on seeing the protruding inverted belly button. Keep your worries aside, as the protruding belly button will get back to its original shape soon after the delivery.

At what stage your belly button is likely to pop out?


A question which revolves around every pregnant woman's mind is that will my belly button pop out during pregnancy? It is mainly in your 26 weeks of pregnancy, you will most probably see the changes in your belly button. It could be in your second or third trimester when you can see your belly button gets popped out. Some women do not notice the popped navel in the second or third pregnancy. In some cases, some pregnant women do not get popped navel.

Are there any side effects of popped out navel?

The popped navel will not create side effects to your body. It has been observed that some pregnant women had the feelings of discomfort in the surrounding areas of the belly button. During the process of popping out, you will not experience pain in the abdominal area. The only discomfort you might experience is that the outtie may irritate you when it comes in contact with your clothes. In such cases, you can seek assistance from your health physician or you can ask the remedy from the trained staff of the trusted health care provider where you will get all your answers pertaining to the popped out belly button.

The belly button popping out pregnancy is a natural part of pregnancy without triggering serious side effects to the pregnant women. Talk to the experts of the health care provider to know more about popped out belly button in pregnancy months.