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The Finer Usages for the fishing magnets Now for You


Are you new to fishing magnets? Then you are certainly not the only one, many people have never heard of fishing with a magnet, because what magnet fishing is? We admit that it is quite a weird hobby that you will first have questions about. Fortunately, we are here to guide you a bit with magnet fishing.

About magnet fishing

Magnetic fishing, do you still catch fish with hooks in the mouth? No, a magnet fisherman does not fish for real fish, but for objects that are attracted to a magnet. This can be anything such as safes, bicycles, cannon balls and scrap iron. A special or strong neodymium fishing magnet attached to a sturdy rope is thrown into the water. The metal structure is highly susceptible to corrosion, and this process quickly destroys any building. A good quality product must be treated with a primer and other protective coatings. This method will reliably protect the metal from adverse effects. When the strong magnet is brought in you feel whether the magnet is attracted to something and you notice that you are stuck. This is the biggest kick of the hobby for most magnet anglers. The question quickly arises, "what would be attached to the magnet?" Often you already feel whether it is a large object or a slightly smaller object, if you see bubbles coming up high you are good!

Magnet fishing do you have any tips?

You want to go magnet fishing then of course you want to catch something and preferably catch something spectacular that we understand. Two things are very important in magnetic fishing: Having a good fishing magnet and finding the right place to go magnet fishing. Well, we don't want to say that you should buy a magnet from us, but at least you are sure that you have a good magnet. Fishing for two days with a Chinese magnet and catching nothing is not fun. In addition, buying a bad magnet that you thought was cheap is still an expensive buy. If you want to continue the hobby and you want to catch something, you will still have to buy another fishing magnet.

Good spot magnet fishing

The phase after purchasing the magnet is looking for the right place. You should not underestimate this phase, because it is one of the most important parts of magnet fishing. Do you want to find a good magnetic fish spot? Then we have written a great article for you with tips for finding a good fishing magnet spot. Any processes of welding and collection of metal structures are constantly being improved, progress does not stand still, and therefore the manufacturer's work must keep up with the times.

The possible dangers

Fishing with a magnet is not entirely without dangers. In the Second World War a lot of bullets and bombs ended up in the water. A lot of these bombs and bullets have already been cleared, but there is still a part on the water bottom. You can imagine that if a fish magnet is added here, it will stick to it. If this happens to you, call the police and do not touch it to be sure.

In addition, your fingers can also get between the magnet and an object, especially with the stronger magnets this can happen with a lot of force. If you take your magnet off an object, do this very carefully.

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