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The Future of Architecture Education in India

India is known for its most unique cultural history, followed by various religions, denominations, and languages. Architectural evolution holds immense value in the history of India. Every transition of a culture reflects the beauty of Indian architecture and art. There are a plethora of buildings that resemble different architectural styles. Indian architecture education has evolved over the years due to the diversity and advancement in the education system.


Today Architecture is the art of devising, designing, and assembling buildings and other physical fabrications. Architecture education in India is one century old. It refers to the mainstream study that amalgamates artistic skills and engineering. Architecture offers one of the noble professions of all time with lubricative career opportunities. The possibility of ​​working on new plans and making wonderful spaces is fascinating, and most interestingly, carving a sketch on paper and seeing it come to life in the form of a beautiful building is the best experience ever. Also, there are so many professional alternatives and specializations to look over in architecture.


Architecture sounds intriguing and exciting, but one ought to have detailed knowledge of math, physics, and strong social skills to have the edge over others. Architecture education in India is reaching new dimensions every day due to the deluge of demand in this field. The growing demand for polished architects requires high-quality education and skills to handle the problems swiftly. It depicts the future of architecture education in India. All you need to do is make the right decision at the right time. Some of the top domains that hire architects rigorously are -

  • Real estate

  • Construction

  • Education

  • Design


Architecture education demands a combination of many traits and technical attributes. The future of architecture education in India is bright as more colleges and universities offer courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Good knowledge of architecture becomes pivotal to land a dream job. Therefore, it is crucial to a solid foundation of critical skills required to become a successful architect.


As per the Occupational Outlook Handbook, architects' job outlook may surge at the rate of 1% from 2019 to 2029 compared to other professions. The growth of new technology like building information modeling (BIM) software amplifies the architects' modeling productivity, thereby boosting their overall development.


Is architecture education in India worth it? Indeed, it is a part of creative and technical education. Having good knowledge makes the profession more decent and offers a humble experience as you work with many people. One such example that highlights the importance of architecture education in India is Hafeez Contractor, well known for creating landmark buildings within India and abroad. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan in January 2016 by the Government of India for his notable augmentation to architecture.


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