Monday, December 11, 2023
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The Future of Marketing Includes Facebook Advertising

Facebook has been the world’s most popular social media platform for about seventeen years. In that time, Facebook has amassed almost three billion users around the globe. In Malaysia, the social media giant boasts over twenty-seven million users.

With the data-gathering capabilities of the platform, and a virtually captive audience, the launch of Facebook Advertising in 2007 was a foregone conclusion. Today, the power and reach of Facebook advertising threaten to eclipse that of Google Ads, the big daddy of the internet ad platforms.  

Value of Facebook Advertising

With most of the other social media platforms copying the Facebook model and offering their own ad platforms, Facebook is still head and shoulders above the rest because of the sheer amount of user data it’s amassed. This treasure trove of data causes marketers to flock to Facebook to perform market research and get the pulse of the public. It’s also a reliable barometer of trends and preferences.

Facebook has become such a part of its user’s lives that it is certain to be an advertising force to be reckoned with far into the future. For a brand that is just beginning to enter the world of digital marketing, Facebook advertising should be one of your first stops along the way.

Inexpensive and Effective

For brands new to the marketplace, Facebook ads offer an inexpensive and entirely effective way to reach your intended audience. But for best results, you should partner with a digital marketing agency with experience in Facebook advertising. 

These agencies can help you stretch your ad budget even further by designing effective and eye-catching ads in the correct format for your products and demonstrating the most cost-effective placement of them.  

They also are skilled at using the data of Facebook in targeting the most likely buyers of your products. Facebook offers targeting criteria including age, gender, region, buying habits, and much more that can be used in creating and placing the ads. Digital marketers are also experts at knowing how much to bid for a specific placement with a particular demographic to achieve the best ROI. 

Data Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads is likely to be the number one social media advertising platform forever, simply because they’ve been at it the longest and have twice as much user data as any other platform since. With such a significant head start, there would have to be a major disruption to the online advertising status quo for Facebook to lose its supremacy. 

Digital agencies specialising in Facebook advertising are experts at finding the perfect audiences for hard-to-market and niche products as well. They also are skilled in targeting by region to give local brands the best chance of finding eager customers that can be developed into a loyal customer base by continuous communication and catering to their needs. 


Learn more about the considerable benefits of Facebook advertising by contacting Primal Malaysia. We're a digital marketing agency in Kuala Lumpur specialising in Facebook advertising to help our clients connect with their most valuable customers.    

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