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The Future of Voice Search in 2021

Don't you have any plans for voice SEO? No doubt your SEO strategies are ready for 2021. But if you don't have voice SEO included, then it is not worth using such strategies. Voice search is in trend and it will be the most used feature to search for things online. It is simply that it will change the way we optimize our sites also. Next year more than 50% of web searches will be initiated with a voice command. So what changes you are making to your SEO strategy?


Well, don't worry if you don't have any idea about adding voice optimization tweaks in your SEO plans. We will tell you everything about the voice search. It is already in use and will be the future of search engines in 2021. Let's understand the importance of voice search with the following information.

Humans Becoming Habitual

Do you know that people are becoming habitual to this technology? That is the main reason why you should worry about the voice searchMany voice-based devices such as Google’s Alexa and Amazon’s Echo dot are becoming a part of life. Amazon’s Echo Dot was awarded as the best selling product in 2018.

Shoppers Started Using It

Online shopping is having an impact on voice SEO. Ecommerce will be the industry that will use the voice SEO most. According to research, more than 20% of online orders that eCommerce companies received were through voice searches. So you can see that the online shopping industry will see the huge impact of voice. Even many websites such as grocery item retailers have started to see it already. It is expected that the voice search based shopping market will go up to $40 billion.

Smartphones Will Have More Voice Features

We all know that new smartphone models are launched every month. Smartphone companies are always trying to add new voice search features in their products. According to a report, more than 60% of mobile users tried using the voice search feature on their phone once a year. Also, more than 50% of young smartphone users use voice searches daily. It means that the overall voice searches will boost. So you must optimize voice SEO for it.

Keywords Will Change

We all know that keywords are always related to the niche of your website. But voice searches will change the way keywords will work. It is important to know any SEO company or any website owner. Because keywords play a significant role in search engine optimization strategies. Voice searches are always containing more words like “how-to” “what”, “why” and “best”. So all the keywords of voice SEO will be based on these keywords. Also, it will change the content strategy for websites. You will have to write more “how-to” guides or other voice search-oriented content.

Google Devices Are Growing

Do you know about the Google Home system? This device is changing the world with just a voice. Google has sold more than 8 million products in this category. So it means that people will become more habitual to these devices. Voice consoles and voice assistants will be ordering pizzas and other products for people. Every website will run for voice SEO in the future. Companies like Xiaomi, Apple, and Amazon are also working towards this technology.

Structured Data Will Be Out

Using structured data and schema markup on your website to rank higher for voice search won't work. Voice searchers will be looking for small and simple answers quickly on their screen. Page load speed will matter more than the structure of the content and the website. So if you are doing voice SEO, then must add such tricks to it.

More Daily Problems Will Be Searched

Voice search is useful because it saves time for the searcher. That is why more daily based problems will be their invoice queries. If you are owning a website or blog writing general niche content, they must consider it. Because people will search for more simple and daily life problems through voice searches. SEO Services will be easy for the web pages that are talking about daily life problems.

Search Engine Updates

No doubt that search engines will update their ranking algorithms according to the voice searches. Because there are so many searches and search engines are trying to show the correct answers. Google has already announced that it is developing artificial intelligence more to quickly understand voice searches. Google claimed to catch 95% of voice commands correctly. So voice SEO will be done according to these updates.


From home devices to smartphones, voice searches are used everywhere. So it will be in trend to use a voice search. Humans are using this feature more because it saves time. We have learned in this post that more voice assistance devices are being sold. Many online shopping websites are doing voice SEO because they are getting orders through voice searches. So if you are still not serious about it, then you will lose organic traffic that comes from voice searches.

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