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The Germiest Places in Your Office and How Commercial Cleaning Services Can Help

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Are you sure that your office is clean? Most offices focus on keeping their floors clean, window washing, carpet vacuuming, and others. They think that they have cleaned the place but no. Germs can hide in the most unexpected of places. Germs multiply in the right temperatures, in the right conditions. 

The current situation of the pandemic has made us all paranoid about cleanliness. We need to ensure that everything is cleaned. While having a tidy appearance of your office may be important for your business to grow, improper cleaning can lead to employee absences and other problems. Thus, it becomes crucial to clean the unexpected places where germs may be residing in your office. 

Elevator Buttons

How many times do you think people press the elevator button? Too many, right? Elevator buttons are a hub for germs. Every time you press the elevator button you come into contact with harmful germs upon pressing it. 

Hiring certified commercial cleaners in Edmonton can help you keep them clean periodically. Using an alcohol-based sanitizer after pressing a button in the elevator can help limit the spread of the germs. 

Water Dispensers and Vending Machines

Water dispensers and vending machines are also common culprits of being a place where germs grow. You must have them washed regularly to prevent the spread of germs from these surfaces.

 You can also separate external parts and clean the dispenser’s inside by pouring vinegar into them. Use new toothbrushes to clean nozzles. Disconnect electricity and water and wash everything thoroughly before starting again.


Computer systems are the most exposed equipment in the office. You sneeze on your keyboard, eat near it causing meal tidbits to fall on it. Germs like this kind of environment, and grow rapidly. The case is even worse when you share your keyboard with others as they contribute their germs to the surface as well adding more germs to the shared keyboard.

Timely disinfecting of your keyboard is key to avoid infections from your keyboard. You can contact a commercial cleaning service in this regard to find a suitable disinfectant for your needs. 

Door Handles

Almost everyone uses and touches door handles. Doors with more exposure, such as entrance and exit ones are more prone to germs. Therefore, you must wash your hands upon entrance for at least 20 seconds and sanitize as well. Moreover, you can also ask your cleaning staff to have them wiped and sanitized periodically. 

Office Blinds

Blinds often go unnoticed in terms of office cleaning. They catch the dirt and dust from outside. A layer is formed on their panels if not cleaned for weeks. Although your cleaning staff may dust them regularly, they still need proper cleaning to prevent dust from accumulating on them. Commercial cleaning services have powerful blowers that blow off the dust.

Other Secret Places Where Dust Can Hide Include:

  • Telephones

  • Dining tables

  • Drinking glasses

  • Office equipment

  • Coffee makers

  • Mouses

  • Microwave doors

  • Sinks

  • Bathroom taps

  • Chair arms

  • Smartphones

How Can Commercial Cleaning Services Help?

Commercial cleaning services help many companies solve their cleaning issues. They have industrial cleaning experts that can help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and germs. This can include services such as dusting, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, and sanitizing sprays. They know which points to target and what techniques to use to ensure your office is cleaned thoroughly.

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