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The Good and the Ugly Side of Online Learning

The Good and the Ugly Side of Online Learning

The dawn of the new millennium has thrown up a plethora of unique learning opportunities. With the rise of technology, online learning has become part and parcel of our life. More than 6 million students across any national and international countries are taking advantage of online learning to become part of Higher Education programs. 


Many platforms are working exclusively to provide online courses through distance programs. Online degrees and programs mostly assist resources such as video, recorded lectures, and discussion forums.


These resources offer various institutions to efficiently impart online learning and provide a better platform for education than traditional classroom programs. But every coin has two sides where one side can benefit us, and the other can harm us somehow. Following are the advantages of online learning:

1. It offers a flexible way to learn and express

Online learning does not require any rigid classroom and can be managed at any time from anywhere. One can carry out a relaxed mode of learning by accessing digital classrooms at any time.

2. The form of learning is individualized

An individual can opt for any online course in which he or she is comfortable with. This mode of working independently helps the students to get adapted with all methods of doing studies and can select their preferences. Online learning helps in strengthening students to boost their positive points and overcome their shortcomings.

3. Online learning is an opportunity for all irrespective of age and needs

The primary benefit of online learning is that it can be accessed by all the students belonging to any age with any requirements. They are the sources of excellent substitutes, especially to those with obligations. Many learning Institutes such as Salesforce training offer the accessible mode of training, which is comfortable and adaptable for all ages.


The various facts associated with e-learning reveal that it needs less than 50 % of the total employee time compared to the same material used in traditional form of setting. Secondly, the online learning mode increases the retention rates by approximately up to 60 percentage.


Simultaneously, the retention rates of face to face training and learning are considerably low, which is up to 10%. Moreover, the most important fact is that with online learning, the participants can learn nearly five times more material without increasing the time consumption during training.

4. Helpful for physically challenged people

Online learning is a boon for the specially-abled people who can access the various resources from anywhere and anytime without facing any difficulty (movement, etc.).


Many students are taking benefit of such an alternative to accomplish their goals and complete their classes regularly. Now learning is no more a dream for such students since they have the primary weapon of Online learning to fight with.

5. Reduction in the costs of rentals and other allowances

With the help of online learning, various Institutions, and organizations such as Salesforce training has become successful in reducing the expenses related to traveling equipment and hotel rentals.


The person can work and learn anything from anywhere with the assistance of online learning platforms. The form of training programs has become advanced for the employees through e-learning.


Nowadays, many companies favour adopting online learning platforms, which are far more efficient and faster. Also, it is observed that e-learning provides more control over the learning processes since the person can revisit the online training more than one time. It offers quality control while imparting training and creating an innovative setting that efficiently leads to smart time management.

6. Reaches every part of the world

The technology has revolutionized the pattern of learning and imparting education across various countries and organizations. Nowadays, the lectures and similar are not related limited just to a single room.


The different digital toolboxes have made virtual learning systems more efficient and interactive. Even for identifying the weaknesses and strengths of an individual, one can take the help of the online learning modes for data collection.


Nowadays, most college students are using laptops in their classroom environment that offers easy and convenient learning features. The consistent improvement in the grades and achievement of the certificates symbolize the paramount significance of online learning. Following are the demerits associated with online learning

1. Reputation in certain fields

The conventional learning methods better train the students in favor of collaboration, teamwork, and inspiration for each other, which the online learning mode cannot do. It harms a particular organization or an individual’s reputation and doubts their leadership skills and other soft skills.

2. Lack of discipline and motivation

At times, online learning platforms fail to motivate and inspire the students to accomplish their goals wholeheartedly since they fail to teach the management of time and prioritization of other chores apart from studies.

3. Absence of one to one teaching

During online learning, there is a lack of a physical teacher that affects the interaction level and lowers the extent of participation of an individual with the tutor. Sometimes, the tutor’s directions are also not so clear, and the students become ignorant of the feedback that needs to be assessed regularly.

4. All subject to not have access to online courses

Sometimes the online courses fail to meet the national guidelines and always may not match up to an individual’s degree requirements. Therefore, we need to be sure about reviewing all the accommodation details and the particulars about a discipline we are about to choose from.

Bottom line

Henceforth, e-learning is the future of developing countries. The advantages and disadvantages of online learning has guided us to wipe off the illusion that existed in our minds.


It is up to you what way you need to choose and where to go ahead. It has helped us in revealing that it has the potential to transform the conventional patterns of learning. Also, it would continue to benefit future generations after that.  Hope this article has been insightful in knowing the good and the ugly side of online learning.