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The good part of getting the permanent resident visa Canada

Canada has great immigration programs for candidates. It offers you so much help when you seek the immigration of this country. The Express Entry program however invites applications from candidates who need this visa, to stay for some years in this country. After, a 2 year stay in this country, they can get the permanent resident visa Canada renewed. So, its important that the right kind of documents are submitted for immigration to this country. After 3 years, a citizenship is available to them. The candidates can get a  lot of health benefits when they decide to be in this country.

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Applicants have to be careful about their application to this country. It’s because applications can be denied due to a lot of incomplete data. So, the candidates have to take professional consultation  to prevent any such denial to happen to them. The candidates should have, knowledge of the, proper procedures which are necessary for immigration here.

One of the most important things to remember is that the candidate should have, the documents relevant to him at the time he wants the permanent residence in Canada visa to be issued to him. These relevant documents, include the WES report and the IELTS card. These documents get expired after a certain time and the express entry system does not allow expired documents.

The Canadian government looks at the experience of a candidate before allowing him/her immigration. A candidate who has higher work experience of  atleast 3 years has the, preference given by the Canada system. This kind of preference is important for the candidate to score the right points as per CRS. The CRS stands for the comprehensive ranking system of this country. The CRS also recognizes those who have the knowledge of French or english. So, when the candidates don’t have such knowledge, they are not eligible to get the, permanent resident visa Canada of this country.

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Cheaper education in Canada

You can get the most benefit from having the PR of this country.  These benefits include, the free education and health which is available to people living here.  Getting permanent resident visa Canada can get cheaper education for your children. The public education in Canada does not cost much. This education starts at the age of 5 for a child and lasts till the candidate turns 17 or 18 years old. However, the completion of public education for a Canadian child happens till the age of 16 in the state of Quebec.

Since the parents of students are eligible to only pay the minimal fees, everything is sorted for them. The parents are supposed to pay 50 dollars to the school for buying school supplies apart from that, the parents don’t have to pay any fees. Extracurricular classes can also cost you some amount of 5-100 dollars for your kid. The international student, has to pay a huge fees of 11,903 CAD to the Canadian schools. So, those who have permanent residence in Canada and his children are definitely at an advantage as compared to the non residents of this country.

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