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The growing popularity of casinos in India

The online casino industry has grown tremendously in the past few years, especially in developing countries like India. It is currently one of the fastest growing industries across the country. Fortunately, this trend probably won't stop next year either.

Unfortunately, not all casinos in India are equally good. That's why you should do thorough research before signing up for any of them. If you don't know which ones are considered "good," you can use websites that are known for adapting their pages for specific countries.

Based on research, there are several candidates that can claim to be the best resource, but you can find the best Indian casinos by going through Purewin registration. This is where you can find more information about bonuses, discounts and other important information.

Online gambling laws in India

2014 was a defining year for the online gambling industry in the country. In the same year, the Sikkim state government granted the first license for online gambling. Since then, the popularity of this activity began to grow. For example, revenue for the entire industry in 2018 was 44 billion Indian rupees. However, various studies show that by the end of the year 250, the revenue will grow to 2024 billion rupees. These statistics confirm that online gambling is a promising industry in the country.      

Nevertheless, there is something worth mentioning here. You won't believe it, but gambling is banned in almost every region of the country. Sikkim is one of the most gambling-friendly states in the country. However, this does not mean that online betting is an illegal activity. Many offshore online casinos operate within India.

However, one small exception should be highlighted. Each state has permission to regulate different aspects of the gambling industry. The exceptions, however, are lotteries and horse racing. We know that many people will say that gambling laws in India are strange. However, it is in your best interest to know that all of the online casinos that operate here are in a gray area.

What can we expect from the online casino market in 2021 and 2022?

As we said before, the development of online gambling will not stop this year. On the contrary, we can expect a lot this year. They will offer the best gaming experience for every passionate player. In this regard, we would like to highlight the most important ones.

First, we should expect more legal casinos. Sikkim is one of the few Indian provinces where gambling is regulated - in 2015, the Sikkim Gambling Amendment Bill was passed to regulate gambling. Future Gaming Solutions India was the first company to be allowed to conduct online gambling.

The Nagaland Skills Online Gambling Act of 2016 provides for licenses. It costs 50,000 Indian rupees to apply for a license and the annual fee is 1,000,000 Indian rupees for a single game or 2,500,000 Indian rupees for various games.

The popularity of mobile gambling will continue to grow

There's no official data to speak of this time. You probably don't know many people who don't own a smartphone. These devices have become an integral part of our daily lives. The same rule applies to players who enjoy gambling. Nevertheless, the same trend will continue in 2021.

In most cases, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the games on the official casino website. However, in 2021, almost every casino is likely to evolve and make gambling more comfortable through apps. There are already a few casinos that offer such services. However, the number of such casinos is relatively small. Due to their growing popularity, their number will increase in a few months.

These apps will allow players to do everything they need to do. For example, they will be able to make deposits and withdrawals directly from the app.

Additional payment options

Crypto laws in India have also had many ups and downs. This year, however, things have changed. India's cryptocurrency community has managed to battle the Reserve Bank of India. This is the reason why many digital currency fans are celebrating this year.

The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies in all parts of the world cannot be ignored. More and more people are buying and selling digital currencies around the world. Because of this, some online casinos have already started accepting cryptocurrency payments.

The number of such casinos is also somewhat small. Nevertheless, many studies show that this will change in the next year. This way the gambling sites will try to attract new customers. Despite this, transactions will be safer and faster than what we have today. Such reliable resources, such as Pure Win casino, are already introducing new methods of banking.

VR will appear in online casinos.

As we said before, gambling laws in India are a little strange. Only three states in India have legalized casinos. If you look closely, residents of this beautiful country don't have the opportunity to visit these places. However, it may be that they don't even have to. Virtual reality has become popular in all areas of business, including online gambling. The purpose of this technology is to make the activity more realistic. This is another thing we can expect in the casino industry in India in 2021.

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These three expectations are the most important for 2021. However, we are sure they are not the only ones. You can also expect live dealers in most online casinos in India. This is another way to make the games more realistic.

All of these changes will improve the quality of the whole industry in India. It will attract more people to enjoy the games even more.

The overall trend in the Indian market has been an increase in gambling revenues as well as the spread of legalization. Countries with legalized gambling are making huge profits, and in countries where gambling is illegal, underground and offshore casinos are hugely popular.

In general, India's population of more than a billion people have a clear interest in betting and gambling, which provides an opportunity for operators to develop in the Indian market.

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