The Growth of E-Commerce Industry in India


We all have noticed the speedy growth of the e-commerce industry across the world in the last few years. People have started to rely more on e-commerce websites to purchase their stuff than stepping into the market. Here in this blog, we will talk about the reasons for the growth of the e-commerce business in India.

The e-commerce industry in India is expanding every year with the increase in demand. One reason that India is witnessing growth in this sector is the rise of 3G/4G mobile internet users. Online shopping is not possible without good internet speed and the improvement in the signals has helped in the growth of this in the country.

Another reason that has contributed to the expansion of this industry is the growth in e-tailing industry. Apart from buying clothes, footwear, and accessories, the users are also able to buy good quality electronic appliances online. As many of the top e-commerce websites are selling promising electronic devices to the users, their trust has grown up on these websites and they prefer to buy such products online than going to the markets.

Discounts and innovative schemes like Cash on Delivery have also contributed to the growth of the e-commerce industry in India, as large part of the population doesn’t have credit or debit cards.

The mobile-friendly apps of the e-commerce websites have made it easy for the users to order their daily need stuff online without going to the markets and wasting their time and energy both. The timely and safe delivery of the products has also increased the trust of the users on such websites and this has helped the sector to expand easily because it saved a lot of time of the users. It satisfied them as they were getting everything at their doorsteps without having the need to compromise with the quality of the products.


Various websites can help you out with e-commerce shipping solutions and e-commerce shipping integration if you too are planning to step into the world of e-commerce and set up your own business to get benefits of this quickly growing industry.

The presence of social media accounts has also helped a lot in the development of online shopping as the users find it easy to log in to their e-commerce apps with the help of these accounts. The social media platforms have also helped the websites to spread awareness about their brand and the products they are offering to the users. All the famous e-commerce sites use social media accounts to advertise themselves and attract users to buy products at affordable prices.

The main reason for the growth of this industry is the availability of a large variety of products online. The buyers used to face trouble in getting a right product for themselves in the physical market while the online shopping sites have resolved this issue and gained the trust of the users by serving them with the exact product they desired.

As the trends and studies suggest, the e-commerce industry in India will continue to grow and help the sellers and the buyers both.