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The Idea of Fun with Flea Markets

Flea markets are a great way to make some extra cash that in time can turn into a full time occupation. The idea of flea markets have been around 1000's of years and have been successful money generators for years. People would sell almost anything back then and still do today. 

That is what makes it so much fun. You never know what you might find or be able to sell. The cost of operating a flea market stand or stall is really slight compared to a brick and mortar store. No payroll expense, no light bill, no gas bill, it should just be you operating a small booth or stand at first. The part I loved best was the cash, at the end of the day, or morning in some cases. I used to have a spot at the local drive in on Sunday morning. 

In by 6:00am out by 1:00pm with enough cash in my pocket to pay the rent, plus buy some beer. I loved it. I geus the part I loved, next to the cash, was I was my own boss. Nobody told me anything. I did it all on my own. Set up and tear down, which consisted of 2 tables and 3 gray interlocking totes bins, and two tables. Now that's low overhead.

Everybody loves a little extra cash in their pocket. I find the term "extra cash" an oxymoron. The is no such thing and it makes no sense, however I do love it. Selling at the houston flea market can be quite lucrative. I used to make enough on a weekend to pay my rent, and have some left over. The cost of operating is low and you are your only employee when starting off. So keep it light in the beginning and grow where the profit is.

The absolute fun thing about the Houston flea market is the mystery of never knowing what you might find. I have found the most bizzare things and some really wonderfully historic stuff along the way. It never ceases to amaze me what you will find. That is where selling is so important. You can find and sell anything. So if you find a really good bargain on something odd or out of the ordinary. Go ahead and buy it. It will probably sell like hot cakes at your flea market spot.

Now operating your little business adventure is going to be cheap. If it's not, then find another venue. Look in the paper/online for local functions in need of vendors. Table spots can be bought cheap and you will make money. When I did it, it was $1.75 for my spot, a one car spot at a drive in movie theater. Talk about cheap. That was many years ago however.

I like the cash part. Everything I sold was a cash sale. Every once in awhile I might trade with another vendor, even better. The cash part is the best because nobody knows how much money you really made that day. Nobody but you, get it? So when I made $300 it was really like making $400, and it feels good. I made this on my own accord, and it was all mine.

The best part of all this flea market buying and selling is just the plain fun of it all. You are your own boss operating with little overhead in a cash market. Working when you want, selling what you want, to whom you want. Does it get any better than this? If it does let me know, I want some of that too.

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