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The Impact of COVID-19 on Online Reskilling

 About 54 percent of employees will be in a dire need for reskilling, says Market Research.

Multiple workers have been laid off amid the COVID-19 crisis thus forcing us to change the way we work.

Isn’t this the right time to thrive and survive post the pandemic?

Constant upgrade in learning new skills has become the new norm for quite a while now. Given the time and changes taking place now and again, continuous learning has become crucial to stay relevant in the competitive job market.

Based on a report by the World Economic Forum (WEF), more than half of the people in India needs reskilling and upskilling to bridge the talent gap. New skills up-gradation in technologies such as AI, machine learning, virtual reality, and augmented reality becomes a crucial requirement for the current workforce. Besides technical skills, they need to hone soft skills (effective communication), listening skills, and attention to minute details.

Bring on the competition

With automation and AI ruling the technology world, many people are dedicating a significant amount of time to boost their skills. At this point, the effective use of technology is the only constant factor that will keep you moving ahead in your career.

As businesses go haywire due to disruption of technology, employees with the right set of AI skills will be the ones steering organizations toward the pinnacle of success. Many budding technologists and AI professionals are also seeking ways to accomplish and grow their professional careers.

As a budding AI professional, it often gets challenging to find the right resources to learn new skills. However, with new advancements, we can find more employees moving toward online certification and training programs. Ideally, the best certification program is the one that gives you hands-on experience and practical experience in handling emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, VR, and AR.

Opting online certification programs not only offer higher chances of getting a promotion but it keeps you on your toes thereby increasing your chances of getting a job.

As predicted by McKinsey Global Institute, about 800 million workers worldwide will lose their jobs to robotic automation by 2030.

Therefore, employers will be seeking highly-qualified professionals with AI skills thus earning AI certification is an ideal way to future proof your career. However, reskilling through the best AI certification programs found online will help kick start your AI journey. Organizations equipped in multiple areas such as operations, marketing, banking, chemistry, agriculture, cloud computing, data mining, healthcare, finance, and stocks will need employees equipped with the latest new-age skills. Apart from technical skills, employers are also looking for workers with skills like adaptability, critical thinking, creativity, analytical thinking, and leadership qualities. It is also said, in the foreseeable future, nearly 15 – 20 percent of professionals will be taking up jobs that do not even exist today.

Not to mention, the pandemic now becomes one of the reasons why people are gaining interest in online learning. This matters greatly when people are sacked from their jobs.


Since there has been a lot of uncertainty about jobs within the past one to two months, many people have started taking great measures to safeguard jobs.

The best and an ideal way to stay relevant during the COVID crisis is to acquire learning via upskilling. To keep your skills valuable post-pandemic, you will need to demonstrate your skills and practical knowledge to employers looking to hire.

We are all still unclear when things will become normal. Constant upskilling at this point is an ideal way to stay updated. Amid all uncertainty taking place today, this is the only factor we can control.

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