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The importance of android app development

Modern technologies simplify our life more and more, making many things more accessible and convenient. Therefore, entrepreneurs are interested in the development of mobile applications/ Because these tools allow them to solve business problems and communicate with the audience.

The business has to follow advanced trends. Because in the modern world, lagging behind progress means losing profits and getting lost in the past. Applications for Android are in high demand, since the number of gadgets running on this operating system is higher than on iOS.

This software is used on smartphones and tablets, which, according to the statistics of 2018, have become 6 times more popular than desktop computers. This once again confirms that the era of mobile technologies is gaining momentum.

This niche has serious prospects that not all entrepreneurs are aware of. Let's see what benefits the development of a mobile application will bring to the business and why it is needed, in principle. Because sites are selling and the meaning of investments in this direction is not clear to everyone. It can be created by android mobile application development company.

How to Develop Android Apps

In fact, there are few requirements here, but the depth of knowledge in the required areas should constantly grow. Here's what it really does not hurt to master:

  • Java or Kotlin programming languages;

  • Android Studio platform for Android development;

  • Git;

  • The main libraries that will make your life much easier: Retrofit (for receiving data from the Internet), Glide (for downloading images)

  • Android architectural components (to write clean and reliable code);

  • Ability to write an application in the MVP or MVVM architecture (for the reliability of the application, its support and development).

Customizing the Android Apps

Most of these programs are aimed at selling goods and services to the target audience. Despite the fact that there are websites, offices and stationary stores, apps for IOS or Android take customer interaction to a whole new level. If in the first case the consumer found your company, made an order or visited a store, then made a purchase and left, then the situation is different with mobile software.

After the application from is installed, interaction with the client is carried out 24/7, because his smartphone is always with him. And when a user needs to buy a product or order a service, he will not waste time searching in a browser, but will make a transaction through a branded service installed on his portable device. As a result, the first benefit of a mobile application is emerging - repeat sales. Today they are guided by this indicator more often than by the average check, as was the practice earlier.

The look of the App

The look and convenience are rather important. We must be prepared for the fact that a large part of users still do not want to install an application if the same information can be obtained through a mobile browser. They refuse to install the application for several reasons: it is troublesome (you have to search in an online store, download, provide some permissions), takes a long time, takes up space in the device's memory and slows down its operation. Or it's not attractive.

Importance of Android Apps for Business

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In addition, mobile services have a positive impact on customer retention. Losing a “loyal” customer who has installed proprietary software on a smartphone is much more difficult. In order for a person to uninstall the program, a really unpleasant event must occur - poor service, a long delay in the delivery of goods, dramatic changes in the personal needs of the customer.


The importance of android can’t be overestimated. This is a great marketing tool as information about new products and hits stimulates additional sales. In addition, by studying the client's browsing history, you can send him only those ads that interest him. This ensures an individual approach to the client.

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