The Importance of Digital Marketing During COVID-19 Outbreak


The entire planet has come together due to a reason that no one needed as a unifying factor. The Novel Coronavirus, or that what is scientifically christened as the COVID-19 sent shockwaves all over the world and later went on to be declared as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization. The pandemic that has resulted in over 50,000 deaths over the last few months has not only pushed governments in declaring complete lockdown in their respective countries, but has also resulted in seismic shifts in the global economy. Several industries have resorted to pay cuts, and some industries are even on the brink of complete obliteration. And by the looks of it, the lockdown might continue for a few more months if the world is to come together in solidarity to flatten the curve and abate the repercussions of the pandemic. Speaking of the businesses that are facing serious economic doldrums, there are a few ways in which surviving this challenging period might be possible. One of those few and important measures is digital marketing, and in this article, we shall shed light on the how digital marketing is helping several business ventures from perishing and staying afloat in these dark times.

Lack of Human Touch and Other Physical Strategies:

The planet is practising strict social distancing measures in a bid to flatten the curve as soon as possible. Therefore, there is absolutely no way for the business enterprises to come in touch with their clients, conduct physical meetings, hold conferences or organise promotional events. And even though digital and social media marketing happens to be the most important part of any venture, it is impossible to think of a venture running smoothly and growing to massive heights without the support of physical contacts. Lack of human touch and physical strategies have, thus, resulted in these business projects depending solely on digital marketing. If anything, the demand for engaging agencies like Yoshiro Digital that cater to the digital needs of business affairs have seen an explosive growth.

The Changing Digital Marketing Trends in the Times of COVID-19:

So we have spoken a bit about how important it has become for businesses to rely solely on digital marketing tricks and techniques if they are to stay afloat and make it through these challenging times. But, as we have seen, more businesses have started depending on digital marketing to further their businesses. Digital marketing agencies and analysts are now reeling under the pressure to come up with better and evolved techniques. We shall now look into some of these changing trends so that you can try engaging them if you have a business to take care of.

Chuck Campaigns that Do Not Need Much Attention-

One of the basic trends that digital marketing experts are increasingly seeking refuge in is chucking less important campaigns to focus on the need of the hour. You can very well hit the pause button on the campaign that markets branded shoes and instead channel all the focus in designing campaigns that are sure to help your customers navigate through this time of crisis comfortably. Shoes can wait, food and other bare essentials cannot. So why not just concentrate on that instead? This way you can reap profits by tending to the greater good of the society at large.

Design Digital Campaigns that Enlighten Customers about the Pandemic-

Digital marketing has notched their game by designing fruitful campaigns that spread awareness about what the pandemic really us, busting the myths and enlightening the public about what needs to be done and what need not be done in the time of crisis. This technique has been able to draw more traffic to the websites of the concerned business and resulted in significant conversion. Let us just face it. This awareness campaign is mutually beneficial, to the company’s purpose as well as the society.


Extend Your Support to Other Businesses Too-

Everyone loves a brand that has its heart in the right place. This digital marketing technique has a human approach to it. The minute you show some concern and support to other business affairs through your online venture, it shall draw massive traffic to your website and push you towards profit even in the dark times. Plus, you pledging your support to other businesses can also help the small business stay put in the run and not eventually perish.


Digital marketing is the only flicker of hope for businesses to stay put and acquire the traffic and funds required to keep their heads above water. These are dark times, and it is essential to keep our calm and not panic if we are to make it through the pandemic. Businesses have no other option but to depend on digital marketing to keep themselves from perishing. Hopefully, the aforementioned points can provide an insight into the importance of digital marketing and the ways to engage the techniques in real-time.