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The Importance Of Environmental Law And All You Need To Know About It

Environmental law is probably the most crucial and important concern for governments and the general public across the world.

The environment is absolutely essential to the life of humans and animals all over the globe. Hence, with the way the world is right now, it’s time for humanity to do its part and work towards protecting the environment.

This means, before planning or buying any infrastructure or starting a business, it is important to take the advice of the best solicitors in reading or near you. With the help of solicitors like Blandy, you can minimise any environmental liability while also conducting your business easily. 

Furthermore, you also need to ensure that your property or business complies with the environmental laws of the country to avoid potential lawsuits. 

However, although there are several NGOs and volunteers trying to raise awareness about the cause, most people aren’t very concerned. In fact, when it comes to the protection of the environment and the implementation of environmental law, we often find that not a lot of people take it seriously.

Therefore, in order to increase awareness and help you understand the importance of environmental law, we have brought you this post. 

In this article, we shall discuss why environmental law is so important in today’s world. You will also find out why you should consult environmental lawyers before undertaking activity that is potentially harmful to the environment.

The Importance of Environmental Law

Environmental law deals with various components that can potentially harm the environment and thus, human life. The existence of such laws is significant to protect the world from destruction and to conserve wildlife. 

Let us take a look at a few reasons why environmental laws are necessary and why you should adhere to it.

Protecting the Environment

The primary goal of environmental law is to protect the environment. Not complying with the law can put the existence of humanity in danger.

Moreover, environmental law helps prevent the activities that can potentially damage the environment and thus, human life on Earth. This includes various components like managing air and water quality, regulating waste management practices, ensuring chemical safety and so on. 

Protecting Wildlife

Laws like the Hunting Act, 2004, the Wildlife And Countryside Act, 1981, the Weeds Act, 1959, et cetera have greatly helped protect wildlife in the UK. 

Wildlife is an essential part of nature and is extremely important to several food chains and food webs. Protecting wildlife will therefore help maintain ecological balance.

Moreover, the conservation of wildlife promotes biodiversity and helps us maintain a harmonious ecosystem.  

Protecting the Law Enforcers

Environmental law enforcers require certain authority and power to ensure that the rules and regulations are followed. Various laws with regard to the environment provide these law enforcers with the permission to exercise their power and protect the environment.

The environmental law is also essential to protect the law enforcers from anyone trying to break the law.

Regulating Factories and Business Organisations

Business organisations manufacturing various types of products require factories and the use of various chemicals and machinery to function. These harmful chemicals need to be disposed of in a way that causes the least harm to the environment. 

Here, environmental law helps regulate this process and protect the environment from illegal dumping. Furthermore, laws like the Planning and Energy Act 2008, the Climate Change Act 2008 and the Energy Act 2011 promote energy efficiency.

This refers to reducing the amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere to prevent global warming and climate change. Therefore, businesses should consult environmental lawyers to ensure that they adhere to all the environmental laws in the course of manufacturing. 


Now that you know how important environmental law is, it’s time to make sure that your personal property or business is adhering to rules and regulations. 

Not following the laws that help protect the environment can lead to severe fine and punishment along with various other unwanted consequences. However, if you are unsure of what these laws are and how they apply to your business, we suggest consulting professional environmental lawyers.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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