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The Importance of Hard Waste Removal When Moving House

It is no surprise that during the process of moving house we generate a lot of rubbish that needs to be disposed of. Common household waste such as used plastic containers and old newspapers are easy to dispose of, but hard waste such as mattresses and computer parts can be more difficult and more time-consuming to dispose of. This is why hiring professional hard waste removal services is important to ensure you are disposing of your hard rubbish correctly.

But what is hard waste and why does it have to be disposed of differently?


A common hard waste item found when doing a big household clean are batteries. Even though they may be incredibly small, they can do a large amount of damage to the environment if incorrectly and illegally disposed of in a landfill. A major contributor of this is that batteries take around 100 years to fully decompose. A professional hard waste removal company can correctly dispose of them or there are many places that provide drop off points such as IKEA, Aldi and BatteryWorld.

Old Mattresses

Old mattresses are an extremely common type of hard rubbish when moving house and doing a big clean. Not only are they bulky and heavy to dispose of but they are also one of the biggest contributors of illegal dumping in landfills, which is why a hard waste removal company should be contacted. Mattresses in good condition can be donated to charity shops and reused, whereas old mattresses need to be handled differently. They can be broken down and recycled such as steel springs, fabric and even the foam being repurposed into other materials and items.

Fabric and linen

When clearing out the wardrobe when preparing for a big move, you can be surprised at the number of old blankets, towels, sheets and clothes that need to be thrown out. As textiles are one of the main contributors to overcrowding in landfills, hard waste removal companies can find alternate ways to recycle the items. They can give them to local charities, shelters and recycle them to reuse certain materials. This also saves you the hassle of hiring an eyesore like a large skip bin that will sit outside the front of your house.


Known as e-waste or electronic waste, electronic hard rubbish items such as TVs, computers, computer parts, mobile phones, laptops, lamps and printers can’t be dumped in a landfill. This is because they can contain harmful materials like lead and cadmium which can be toxic. A professional hard waste removal company can take your e-waste away so it can be salvaged and recycled into new products. This is the same for white goods such as fridges, washing machines, dryers and more.

When moving house or doing a big clean, make sure your hard rubbish is correctly disposed of by contacting a rubbish removal company. Many of us might heard about the skip bins which help a lot when the task is too heavy to accomplish. These are the large size containers carry decent amount of waste to be thrown away. Search online for various hard waste removal companies and leave all the stress of hard rubbish removal to the experts.

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