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The Importance Of In-time Promotion And It's Consequences

People love when you appreciate them as it makes them feel special. Calling someone during their birthdays or sending them birthday wishes is a very good way to warm your way into their hearts. I can boldly say this because I know how I feel when my bank sends me birthday wishes. It even gets better when you go beyond this to reward customer loyalty. A marketing agency Dubai for example can decide to give its loyal customers a five percent discount during the festive season as a means of rewarding their loyalty. As an advertising agency, you can also use customer loyal form of sales promotion to push a new product in market as well. To enlighten you, here are the importance of in-time promotion as well as some of its consequences. This should guide you in terms of its implementation. Early or in-time sales promotion can be effective, if you understand it's principles.


Brand awareness creation and keeping you in the business

Brand awareness creation and keeping you in the business

Promotion is a very good way to push your business into the market. This is a very good way to draw people's attention to your business. It is even obvious as most (if not all) budding brands tend to apply this strategy when announcing themselves.


It may not yield desired results if you do not target the right customers

This is one of the major consequences of every sales promotion including in-time promotion. Do not be in a hurry to push your business out when you have not identified your target customers. No matter how much you push a business in my face, I may most likely not buy it if I do not see how it will be of benefit to me.

You may end up running at a loss if you do not plan properly

Also in terms of planning, you should gauge your firm well enough to know how much it can give out while sustaining itself and waiting for a return on investment. You must not always give out cash rewards during sales promotion. In fact, it is even better you use your product or the new product you are trying to push out to reward your customers. While promoting your product, tell your target audience what it can do for them instead of the features of the product. Sounds confusing right? Let me break it down for you. Instead of telling them that this SD card is a 64GB SD card, tell them it can store over 4,376 pictures. Even you fell for my little promotional tactic.


It helps bring new customers while retaining existing customers

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To get the best of both new and existing customers, do not just run a sales promotion. Instead, blend sales promotion with loyalty reward. This is the mistake most firms make when applying for sales promotion. They focus on getting new customers without thinking about existing customers. As a matter of fact, your promotion should be such that existing customers benefit even more.


It can yield one-off customers if product quality is poor

This is what happens when you concern yourself with just sales promotion marketing agency Dubai. I was talking about not paying attention to existing customers. Do not tamper with the quality of your product because you want to accommodate the cost of promoting your product. Just like focusing on your new customers alone, you will end up having just one-off customers who will only patronize you during sales promotion and will disappear afterward.


It can help you push out a new product to your customers

Like I was saying somewhere at the beginning, this remains one of the most effective ways to push out a new product into the market. Do not just push out the product on its own. Instead, try to use an existing product to push it. You can use an existing biscuit flavor to promote a newly produced one in marketing agency Dubai. To do this, you can give your customers the new biscuit flavor anytime they buy a certain amount of an existing biscuit flavor.


It can turn your customers away from you if the new product does not meet the hype

It still balls down to quality. We know everything is a risk but it does not mean you should risk too much. You should ensure that the new product you are pushing out to the market is similar to the existing product you already have in terms of quality.

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