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The Importance of Industrial Marking Solutions

Dot peen and laser marking

In the manufacturing process, there is an important thing regarding the process that is traceability of the industry. What is traceability? Well, traceability means the ability of the instrument or equipment to trace all of the processes from the raw materials to production as well as from the consumption to disposal. Recently, traceability is widely used in several industries such as automotive, electronics, food, and pharmaceutical. Regarding the needs of traceability, industrial marking solutions are getting bigger day by day. Generally, the marking technology can be divided into two types. The first type is dot peen marking technology. This marking technic can create permanent dotted marks on the surface of the target. This marking technology is suitable to be used in hard metals. In addition, it is also easy to operate and cost-effective. However, this technology may not suitable for fast operation. The second type is laser marking technology. This technic can burn the marks on a part of the surface’s target. The advantage of this technique is the flexibility of the technique in different shapes and ways. However, this technology is more expensive than previous technology.

Well, in order to choose the best technology for marking solutions, there are several things that should be considered. It will depend on the needs and material of the target. The first one is the type of materials such as metals or other materials. The second one is part geometry whether it is plain or relief. The third one is function and time in use. The fourth one is the mark content such as text, codes, and logo. The other things are part size and the operator of the information whether it is human or machine.

One of the best industrial marking solutions that provide the best marking technology is Techno Mark.  This marking company has provided the best marking technology since 2000. The Techno Mark has created one of the best dot peen marking equipment that is called as MULTi4. Like its name, this marking technology offers the ability of the single machine that can be used in 4 configurations. The configurations are hand held, bench, combo (a combination of bench and hand held), and integrated into a production line. This MULTi4 equipment can support the needs of the customer regarding traceability technology. The bench configuration can be used for marking the very small to medium size. Meanwhile, the hand held configuration can be used for marking large and cumbersome parts. The combo that is a combination of bench and hand held can be used in every part. Meanwhile, the integrated configuration is a compact configuration that can be integrated into every production line. This MULTi4 equipment is available in several choices that are MULTi4, MULTi4 mini, and M4 inline. The customer can choose the best choice regarding their need in the traceability process. Overall, this product provides several advantages such as adaptable, easy to be configured, productive, and smart. It also provides real-time monitoring so that the fault or error can be detected early.

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