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The importance of on-the-go payment practice during COVID-19

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2020 has brought in ample changes in the economy and business sector due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Customers have changed the way they used to purchase and pay. And that has brought about further changes in the economy and the payment landscape.

The online shopping giants and other brands that provide consignment deliveries at home can use a secure and updated on-the-go-payment device that will help them collect payments, keeping in mind the social distancing norms and other safety protocols. It is also essential that advanced on-the-go payment solutions provide secure customer experience. According to the current trends, it gets estimated that the fragmented payment services and systems, from online to the in-store, is all set to shift towards a well-integrated centralized payment stack.

Today, most business firms and online shopping service providers say yes to the on-the-go payment device for various reasons. Some of the crucial benefits are:

1.      Anywhere and anytime payments

When a consignment gets delivered at the customer’s office or home, the payment device helps make secure cashless payments. You don't need to walk into any payment center for the bill payments, which helps in saving ample time and energy. Here the customers can pay through their debit or credit cards. Usually, a password gets forwarded to their Smartphone device, which they need to share with the seller to complete the payment. It helps you make on-spot payments, pay the bills and other costs you have to incur on-the-go. The device is easy to use, so there are no complications with the debit or credit getting punched in at the time of payment.

2.      Improved security

Some people still don't rely on online or electronic payments. Besides that, there has been news about online payment forgeries, thatincrease their fear and suspect. However, the advanced on-the-go payment tools and devices get designed, keeping in mind the individuals' safety. The pins that get generated during the transaction is only made known to the individual or the concerned customer. Hence, your credit card data is safe, and there are no chances of any miscalculations or forgeries. Also, the online shopping brands train their agents to use the device accurately, to avoid even a minute careless mistake.

3.      You have mobile access

One of the best benefits of this payment device is mobile access. Most customers have a security password or pattern on their smartphones, challenging operating by someone else. It allows a person to leverage all the advantages of on-the-go payments. They can use it for paying the utility bills or after making a grocery purchase. The payment mode is flexible and comfortable. Based on the current safety protocols, agents need to sanitize the device surface after each payment.

4.      Helps to collect payments on the go

Today, people either choose to pay online for their products ordered or pay through the card on delivery. Even though the online shopping service providers have made provisions for cash-on-delivery, people are still opting to ensure minimal contact and stick to the social distancing norms. The delivery agents have several consignments to deliver on a given day. Hence, they must be fast at each delivery. Cash payments take time, and at times the customer might not have the exact amount. The on-the-go payment device adds speed to the payment collection process on a given day and helps them keep track of the payment.

5.      You have access to email receipts

Customers must have a copy of their payment made through this device. Today, the service providers ensure that the customers receive the payment receipt on their email id. It will help them to keep track of the payment details and use the same for payment reimbursements. The email receipt contains information on the time of payment and the payment clearance information as well. The device works on both iOS and Android platforms as well. It is usually locally and globally certified to cater to all the security criteria in the payment acceptance.

6.      New age innovation

The latest on-the-go payment solutions get backed by high-end technology. Today, service providers offer advanced mobility products that communicate through the Wi-Fi, 3G, and 2G network connections to ensure payment transactions in various industry protocols. It allows the merchants to incorporate this with their set of applications or resort to it as a stand-alone solution.

The on-the-go payment device is a sleek device that delivery agents can carry in their pockets. It is lightweight and is easy to manage and operate. It enables a secure Bluetooth connection as well. Today, most people are making use of plastic money. Hence, this device helps ease and speed every merchant transaction in-person or at a store.

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