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The importance of stores and supplies for a ship

2020 08 05

Every day several ships arrive at ports all over the world. They come after traveling long distances across the oceans. Vessels may travel long miles for days and weeks and run out of resources. The supplies need replenishment and the stock needs to be full before the vessel sails out for the next voyage. This is where ship supplies companies come in handy. Read on to know more.

Stores and supplies are the inventory carried on board a ship to meet its daily requirements such as food, water, cleaning supplies, medical supplies, safety supplies, spare parts, etc. Get in touch with a reliable Curaçao ship supplies agency.

Why do ships need to stock up on supplies? 

All ships carry a selection of replacement parts and raw materials that can be used by the crew. There may be a requirement for emergency repairs or planned maintenance, such as gaskets, valves, bearings, fasteners, seals, lubricants, wood, pipes, strainer screen materials, and cables. The spare parts of the ship may be necessary if the machinery onboard is not up to par.

There may be times when specialized parts may not be in stock. The same goes for electronic equipment. Specialized high-performance cabling can be difficult to acquire if the manufacturer is located far away. Vessels sailing around the world may take a broad range of stuff to be self-sufficient. However, ships sailing in local waters may need a small number of spares.

In either case, it is the responsibility of the owner to take a call. And it is the duty of the agency or Curaçao Ship Chandler, to provide all the essentials. All the department heads on board a ship have to chart out the requirements. It helps to ensure the machines are serviced and running correctly.  

The role of a ship chandler 

The chandlers work as a supermarket. They supply food grains to the ship when it ports en route. A Ship chandler caters specifically to only one line of business. It allows a degree of exclusivity for both the merchant and the consumer. Some of the benefits include:

1 – Ship chandlers supply all the necessary commodities like food, oil, lubricants, spares, etc.

2 – Ship chandlers meet the essential requirements of the captain or crew and cater to all the minute details of the ship's needs and the requirements of its crew.

3 – Chandlers also help to supply commodities that are a requirement and help the buyer buy a ship by providing details on the condition of the vessel. Thus they save a new buyer from any loss in purchasing a damaged vessel.

4 – Along with the supply of essential commodities, ship chandlers also provide services like repair and maintenance, cleaning arrangements, etc.

5 – Ship chandlers also provide services when a ship berths at the port and when it is about to sail. More attention is needed when a ship sails. Food, gas, spare parts, etc. are handled by ship chandlers with care.

Additional services of a shipping agency 

It is widely known that shipping agencies provide all the logistics when ships arrive or depart. Agents and chandlers provide all logistic support. The agency advantages include:

1 – When you work with an agency, all the ship requirements are completed by a single chandler at a single place. It cuts off others' use and ensures that you get good discounts and reasonable prices of the supplies.

2 – When you place a direct order in advance with a ship chandler, there is no chance of delays. This is the advantage of being in direct contact with a shipping agency or chandler. The direct connection helps to make everything much easier.

In conclusion

Get in touch with reliable and trustworthy ship chandling companies in Curaçao- it is the best way to get an assurance of quality goods, groceries, and other essentials when your vessel anchors at a port of call or sets out on the next voyage.

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