The Importance Of The Brand And Trademark Registration For Startups


A brand with personality, prestigious, or cult is what lies behind many of the decisions of consumers. This is what causes Coca-Cola to be purchased instead of the white-label carbonated beverage. Now, is the difference between products with the manufacturer's name and those promoted by the supermarket really so extensive? Is it huge enough to pay double? The objective answer is that in most cases, the differences are not that great, and despite this, the more expensive option is preferred.

Does the brand make the product unique?

As you can see, the brand is essential to increase the sales of a company. The importance of a good brand is what causes customers to flock to the latest iPhone and ignore other devices with similar features and at half the price. A good brand achieves that for the conscience of people we are facing unique products or services when in reality they are not so much.

An entrepreneur must take this into account and place his brand at the center of his commercial and marketing management. To enhance the importance of the brand in society in the case of new businesses, it is necessary to discover what it is that makes them so attractive to us.

It is true that building a legendary brand like, Harley Davidson or Rolex is an achievement within the reach of the chosen ones, but the ingredients necessary to generate a cult brand are always the same..

Brand personality should permeate everything

A brand with aspirations to go beyond the imaginary of society must have a constant and unitary presence in all aspects that the company generates. Their personality and values ​​must be present in elements such as the logo, the letters, the web, the social networks, and the design of the products or services, the online store, the home delivery service and even in the answers given to customers from the customer service department.


Only a perfectly synchronized and unified brand is capable of obtaining sufficient and distinctive personality to be recognizable for years and to accommodate all kinds of products or services. However, you must take into account that no matter your business is old or new, getting trademark to make it authentic is mandatory. You can also get trademark registration for startups from the agencies and offices online at decent price.

Quality matters, but the customer experience is the key

A brand that represents a bad product or service has no future. That is an immovable reality. It's like a movie with a bad script. No matter how good the director or the actors are, if there is not a decent story to tell, you cannot aspire to produce a good film. Well, the same thing happens in the company. Quality is always behind the businesses that work. But this feature that could serve to differentiate itself in the past, is not so important today, because the digital society assumes that what is sold comes with quality series. Hence, one must offer something else to stand out from the rest. That extra or added value that the entrepreneur must provide is an optimal experience for the client. Your brand must go one step ahead and surprise and provide that added value that makes it unique.

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Anticipate trends

To achieve mythical status, a brand must always be ahead of what the consumer thinks. Only then will you be able to meet your needs. To achieve this, the entrepreneur must always be attentive to the trends that are beginning to emerge in the market to have their solution ready at the right time. The best example in this sense is the Apple of the first decade of the 21st century when it surprised and innovated with the iPhone just at the moment when society was ready to handle touch devices. McDonald's was also aware of the growing concern for healthy food with the launch of salads or menus adapted to each country.

Therefore, the brand must be aware of that global trend or concern that is about to emerge and anticipate. In this way, you will be able to increase your importance in the awareness of customers and you can aspire to become that differentiating banner, key in any business that works.