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In 2020, it is not difficult to understand why video content is preferred over text. It is digested easily in a consumer as compared to reading over-loaded texts and descriptions. Many of us still don’t realize the importance of video marketing in the new era. If we have a look at YouTube daily watch, then it is 1 billion hours of social video each day. Many of you might be boosting your careers in the marketing field; therefore, it is essential to acknowledge the positive points of video marketing. 

Since YouTube has numerous views, it is not because the content is creative and eye-grabbing; it is because the user's demand has changed. Video content is watched 4X more times as compared to written text. We will explain to you more naturally about how vital video marketing is and why you need to add it to your marketing strategy.

Why Video Content?

Video content is compelling and exciting when it comes to getting the viewer's attention. Life has become busier, and users have less time to focus. Video is more comfortable to explain a product or service of a business; it provides visual information about a product and can be easily shared for exposure on various social platforms. It is a consumer favorite because it is engaging and has a touch of entertainment. Markets do not focus on selling; instead, think of innovative ideas about delivering the brand's message to the consumers.  Many brands hire top video animation companies to produce high-quality video content which is exciting and can bring viewers. However, video production is expensive and costly, but video content for small companies or start-ups can be made through online software.

Types of marketing video content

When it comes to types, there are numerous types of video content, and everyone is in the hunt to create rich content. Video lets you trigger the emotion of the viewer, and it is a powerful marketing tool to deliver a message. Before planning the type of video content, you need to know the standards so you can focus on what types of video would benefit your business.

Here is a list of various productive videos:

1-     Explainer Videos: These videos help to educate consumers about what your products or services are. Excitingly and engagingly, the message could be passed on with a fundamental understanding of your brand.

2-    Influencer Videos: The content creators who have an excellent fan-following as known as influencers. They encourage consumers to invest in a product or service by telling its advantages. Brands can use this to build trust with consumers by making influencers or interviewing videos. Later, these can be re-used for promotions or distributed as a podcast.

3-     Product-based reviews and demo videos: These videos are developed by brand ambassadors in which they receive free of cost products. If you find such content creators relevant to your professional industry, it is vital to have these videos to boost comments and recommendations.

4-     Live video: These videos let you be personal with your consumers. It works efficiently for social channels.


Video content is known as the most famous and most influential forms of video marketing in 2020. This trend will grow every day and is not leaving marketing strategies anytime soon. People want to visually see a product or service to make their investment beneficial, and video marketing does this perfectly for brands. The more the consumers know about your brand, the more sales you can achieve.

Amy Jackson
Amy Jackson
Amy Jackson works as an advertising specialist at web design and development agency, she is an inspired writer who loves to share her experiences using lovely words. Her passion for writing has made her produce numerous articles on design, SEO, digital marketing and business. You can also follow the author on Twitter
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