The Important Things To Follow To Avoid Blocked Drains 


No other thing that any homeowner cringes more than having to deal with plumbing issues. The high on the list is the whole matter of the blocked drains. This is not very tough to see why this would be such an issue given that the home's drains are essentially the ultimate wall of defense for the foreign matters staying out of the drain pipes. 

This may be the fact that the foreign matter responsible for blocking up your home's drains is pretty darn yucky to deal with and as a matter of fact, the homeowners tend to shut them off right away it catches their attention. This is absolutely unacceptable. This is the first line of defense in keeping away the blockages from developing in your drains. If you are ignoring this, then you will certainly end up compromising your plumbing in a major way 

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You may be surprised to hear that the plumbing experts have noted that several of the causes of blocked drains that they encounter every other day are usually caused by certain objects which have no business being near the drain in the first place. Thus, this is deemed to be 100% preventative. 

The most common things that lead to blocked drains 

The list of the commonest things which leads to blocked drains are as follows: 

  • Toilet paper - Even though toilet paper is meant to break down, sometimes enough of this can cause things too terribly back up and cause a blockage.
  • Grease and hair - These are some of the prime things which come off when you take a shower. In case you do not attend to the drains at regular intervals, these will lead to creating some very stubborn greasy hair-balls which would lead to blocked drains. There are several products which are available in the market which help in the collection of this stuff but if you make it a regular practice to clean the shower drains once a week, this would help you immensely. 
  •  Hygiene and sanitary products - The hygiene and sanitary products only belong in the trash but you might be very surprised how often they end up where they should not be. You should make it a regular practice for anyone using all these products in your home to dispose of all of these only into the trash bin instead of throwing them into the drain to prevent blocked drains. 
  • Food particles - Kitchens are the primary areas for blocked drains. So, thinking that all the food items go down & stay down is not at all a healthy way of approaching the drain upkeep. You should be mindful of the excess and leftover foods on the dishes after your meals and make it a point to dispose of the leftover food in the trash only instead of throwing them down the drain. 
  • Toys - You need to establish a few protocols with your kids on where they are allowed to play & laying down the law regarding the places where the toys do not belong. This would help you in preventing blocked drains. 
  • Cooking - If you happen to have leftover grease due to extra oily and spicy cooking of menus, you should not dump the utensils into the kitchen sink directly. You can collect the leftover grease and spices from the utensils and throw them into the trash before keeping the utensils in the kitchen sink for cleaning.  

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The blocked drains are indeed a real drag. So, you should necessarily make it a point to keep all the drains in your property clean in order to facilitate the rubbish to run down smoothly. In case you are unable to handle your blocked drains all by yourself, you should necessarily consult a trusted plumber for the desired solution. 

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