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The Kerala Story Movie Download: OTT Release date Cast, Storyline and Plot 

The Kerala Story 2023 Details

Movie NameThe Kerala Story
DirectorSudipto Sen
CastAdah Sharma, Yogita Bihani, Sonia Balani, Siddhi Idnani, Vijay Krishna, Pranay Pachauri, Pranav Mishra
Original LanguageHindi
Releasing InHindi-Malayalam-Tamil-Telugu
Theatrical Release DateMay 5, 2023
OTT PlatformZee5
OTT Release DateJune 2023
Satellite RightsUpdating Soon
StorySuryapal Singh And Sudipto Sen (Based On A True Incident)
Music DirectorViresh Sreevalsa And Bishakh Jyoti
EditorSanjay Sharma
Budget20 Crores
ProductionSunshine Pictures
Earning Till now80 crores
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Have you been searching for the Kerala Story movie download for quite some time now and have ended up here? Well, you have come to the right place as this article will guide you about the story, download details, plot trailer and multiple other information about the movie The Kerala story. The primary plot of the movie concerns radicalisation and conversion of Hindu Girls to the Islamic religion in Kerala. The director has been capable of engendering uneasiness and apprehension through his characters. If you are looking forward to some information regarding the Kerala Story movie download in Hindi, then you need to know the details about the process and download the picture. 

The Kerala story has carned a lot of anticipation and attention among film critics and is anticipated to be more successful in the future. The story revolves around 4 young ladies and the concentration of the state as the young ladies were brainwashed in the movie in a Juvenile manner. You can understand a lot when you see the Kerala story in Hindi or go through the Kerala story trailer. 

How Can You Download The Kerala Story?

You will find a lot of links for downloading the Kerala story in Hindi on torrent websites. As you know the Kerala story release date and are anticipating for the same to release on ott channels, the best option for you would be exploring the movie online or on telegram channels so that you can watch it for free now. There are many telegram channels with the movie link available for downloading and the movie also comes with English subtitles. You will find the movie and multiple quality is like 720p, 480p, 1080p, 360p and 4K. You can watch the Kerala story full movie from multiple telegram channels as we have mentioned because they are available in many qualities. 

The movie was released on 5th May 2023 in theatres and the movie has been leaked on multiple platforms after the release. There are many telegram channels that have leaked this movie and many people are getting access to the Kerala Story in Hindi for free. 

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Controversy Surrounding The Movie

After the Kerala story release date, the movie has fallen into deep controversy. Citizens of Kerala have stated that the movie has been creating communal polarisation that is going to spread head propaganda against Kerala and the citizens. The chief minister of Kerala has also opposed the movie and intended that the film aims to humiliate Kerala in front of the globe. There are some people that also state that the Kerala Story movie in Hindi is going to lead to communal polarisation and will disseminate the hate propaganda that is going to tarnish the state image as well with the Kerala story cast

How To Download The Kerala Story in Hindi?

The Kerala Story movie in Hindi was leaked on multiple popular websites after the Kerala story release date and you can get access to download in the HD versions of the movie from multiple torrent websites. We have already mentioned the use of telegram apart from multiple websites but we will never recommend movie lovers to utilise illegal sources for downloading the movie in Hindi. 

There are many options that can help you watch your favourite movies through theatres or ott platforms and if you are looking forward to watching the movie in that manner, you will have to wait for the tentative dates for the movie to release in the ott channels so that you can access it in 4K. 

The Kerala Story Box Office Collection 1024x576 1-BMH

The Kerala Story Box Office Collections 2023

The Kerala story by Sudipto Sen was released on 5th May 2023 and it has been leaked on many telegram channels and illegal websites. The Kerala Story movie in Hindi is in the news because there is a controversial back story on a particular group of community in the nation. There are some experts that believe that the overall box office collection of the film will be drastically boosted even after the movie has been boycotted in some of the states in the countries and particular groups within the nation. 

There has been a very recent report stating that the Kerala Story movie in Hindi has earned over 10 crores on the first day itself after releasing. More than 2500 screens have been booked for the first premier show of the movie. The box office earnings for the Kerala Story movie in 2023 was drastically boosted on the weekends that is on the Sundays and Saturdays and the present overall collection for the box office for the Kerala Story movie will set a new record. 

How can you download The Kerala Story movie in Hindi through Telegram Channels? 

You can download the Kerala Story movie by utilising the telegram application in multiple video formats. The section below will highlight some of the simple steps that will help you download the movie with the help of the telegram application that you can download from Play Store. 

  • If you are looking forward to downloading the Kerala Story movie on your mobile, tablet or PC, you need to have a telegram application on your device that you can access from Google Play Store. 
  • After you download the telegram app, make sure to install it and create an account by utilising your email id or mobile number. 
  • After your account has been successfully created you need to enter your preferred movie name. The Kerala story will be the preferred movie name in this case that you can download in multiple languages rangeen from Hindi, Tamil, English, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu in multiple formats. 
  • Make sure to input for the specific language in which you are looking forward to downloading and watching the movie.
  • Make sure to choose the particular location for downloading the file where you are looking forward to saving the movie and wait for some minutes to ultimately finish the process of downloading. 
  • Your final step would be opening the file from your download folder on the device and starting watching the movie. 

These are some of the things that you need to know about the Kerala Story movie and the download processes that many people may not know about.

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