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The Know-How of Digital Badges

Digital Badges

Do you have skills related to IT engineering or any other field of your choice? If yes, then how will you prove that the world. That is what digital badges are for as by earning one, you can prove your knowledge on particular or multiple subjects.

A digital badge is a virtual credential that showcases your learnings and provides you with a method to record your achievements. They are somewhat like resumes but even better as they are verified as well as awarded by well-renowned educators.

Earning a digital badge can actually turn your career around as you can store them in a digital bag pack and keep them with yourselves for a lifetime. Moreover, they can be connected to LinkedIn that helps you seem more visible to prospective employers.

What is the need for a Digital Badge?

Gone are the days when knowledge was based on mindlessly memorizing facts. As now students are expected to think out of the box and inquire as well as analyze facts rather than just mugging them up. And Digital Badges are required for assessing this kind of a learning.

Digital Badges provide you with a perfect way of assessment for today’s generation of students by making an exact evaluation of what they know and what they are capable of doing.

If a potential employer looks at your report card, don’t you think it would be a little inconvenient for him to figure out what skills you actually possess just on the basis of your grades? I am sure you agree with me on this.

It is not easy to have a precise idea of how much knowledge you have on the basis of your grades because the other person might never know that how those grades were actually earned. This is exactly what digital badges are there to solve as they help you show your genuine interests and make your skills more visible to people.

Digital badges are a better way to prove the world how much you know and what all you can do as compared to a resume or report card. For example, by the time someone graduates from high school, he or she may have collected a bunch of badges to make it easier for the college admissions and potential employers to analyze what he or she is exactly capable of achieving.

In case you wish to become a mechanical engineer, you will have to attain the basic knowledge and skills of the subject to prove it to your future college as well as prospective employers that you have what it takes to be a proficient mechanical engineer. And to do so, you can earn a series of digital badges in the use of graphic calculator, prototyping, and other basics that you need to know about becoming a mechanical engineer.

Digital Badges can actually help you land your dream job because by taking a look at your digital badges that you earned since middle school, your prospective employers will be able to see your dedication towards your field.


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