The Latest Fashion Trends for Men’s Wear This Summer


Deciding how to dress every day is a stressful job, the hot weather already gets on your nerves well enough. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. We’ve come to save the day! We’ll be talking about the best classy and casual ways you can plan your outfits this summer.


Florals are the new black. This summer take your outfit game to the next level. Florals are the perfect outfit for a hot summer day. The material is light and breezy, the design definitely pairs well with the sun. Try to get short sleeved florals, they serve a dual purpose, fashion and comfort. Short sleeves with patterns are super in vogue and comfortable because they’re light material. 


If you’re looking for something a little less casual and more towards the formal style, polos are the perfect pick. Polos are classy and have always been a major hit. Summer calls for light, neutral colors, so try to choose light colored polos, preferably white or sky blue. Pastels would also do. As a special favor to you, we’ll be telling you where you can get your hands on some amazing polos in Pakistan. Monark is an online website that has the classiest collection of polo shirts for men. They have a wide variety of different kinds of polos with multiple colors, cool designs and much more. You can also find some pretty good other types of men’s wear on their site.

Striped T-shirts

You rarely see men with striped t-shirts on but this is for sure a trend you should try on this summer. T-shirts are already a necessity in warm weather because they keep you from getting a heat stroke. But why keep it boring with plain tees? Add some life to your boring style with some stripes!

Button ups

You can add long sleeved and short sleeved button ups in your wardrobe this summer. Remember to not keep your look boring. While plainly designed button ups are extremely popular, stand out by adding some fun patterns to your long sleeved shirts. The same applies for short sleeved button ups. Don’t stuff your shirt with patterns and designs but don’t be too mundane as well. Florals are a good pick for button up short sleeved shirts. 

Shorts and Pants

You can’t survive summer without shorts, that’s for sure. You can mix and match your shirts with denim jeans and chino. Explore the color spectrum however way you want to, but chino pastels are hot. Denim always looks good in light blue, no doubt about that. The darker shade suits the cold weather more. Although black is always a safe alternative. You can style your florals with khaki shorts and jeans. Polos would go really well with chino shorts, if you’re not in the mood for jeans. Striped t-shirts and button ups are pretty general options so you can pair them up with almost anything. 

Comfort Before Anything


Comfort should be your first priority when it comes to clothing. Remember to keep the heat in mind and dress accordingly. While we’ve given you many tips on how to dress considering the weather, choose what resonates with you first and makes you feel comfortable in your body.