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The Latest Innovations to Recycle Automobile Waste

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Automobiles are one of the leading consumer goods that are prime candidates for recycling. As a result, the environmental concerns surrounding the automobile industry are getting attention from world leaders. 


According to a report, in today’s time, 75% of a vehicle is recycled though there is immense pressure from governments and public forums to improve this recycle percentage. You can read about several innovations being made in the waste and recycling news. Companies are trying to develop technologically feasible and cost-efficient solutions that can work towards easing environmental concerns.


Latest Innovations to Recycle Automobile Waste


For efficient and effective recycling of automobile waste, one must consider both technological and economic impacts. Therefore, there needs to be technology, machines, and resources that one can employ to extract quality end products. Companies can then further utilize these products as raw materials.


Let us look at some of the latest innovations in the recycling industry that could help with automobile recycling.


TireHog’s Technology for Recycling Tires


Did you know a single tire could take anywhere from 50 to 80 years to decompose completely? Old, unrecycled tires leak heavy metals and chemicals into the soil, posing an environmental concern worldwide.


Lubrication Specialties, Inc (LSI) has come up with the TireHog machine to combat tire recycling concerns. TireHog is a self-sustaining, mobile machine that uses renewable microwave technology. The microwaves can help recycle up to 1200 tires in a day. The end products of this recycling mechanism are oil, natural gas, and carbon black, among others. 


BCA’s Shredder for High-Volume Metals and Tires


Using conventional shredders for metals and tires could be a high-power and time-consuming process. In addition, the output generated daily is low, shipping costs rise as the shredded materials are oversized, and it could negatively impact the whole production process.


BCA’s shredder, aptly named ‘The Beast,’ is making waves in the waste and recycling news world. The machine can shred 15 to 35 tons of dense materials and metals in an hour. It uses advanced hydraulic systems to efficiently shred even the toughest of scrap metals into small metal chips.


Audi Testing Mechanism for Recycling Automobile Plastic Waste


Several parts of a car, like airbag covers, fuel tanks, and even radiator grilles, are manufactured from plastic. Audi is looking to generate pyrolysis oil from plastic waste, which can be used as a raw material for the future production of plastic components in Audi cars instead of petroleum.


The car company has completed the pilot testing phase using the chemical recycling process for mixed automobile plastic waste. The recycling method fits into the criteria of being technologically feasible and the end product having a viable economic market.


Automotives are one of the most recycled products on this planet. But, unfortunately, recycling is often looked upon as a business venture. So, how economically can you recycle products, or can you extract quality end-products? 


These latest innovations could be the solution to the recycling challenge. Using technically optimized, energy-efficient solutions, automobile waste recycling could increase well beyond the 75% it currently stands at. To know more about how automobile waste is handled, keep reading waste and recycling news.  

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